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  1. Okay, hmmmm I only assumed this was a TOS thing simply because it happened right after I thought I had accepted TOS. But when i was detaching stuff the Firestorm bridge would not detach, and following your advice i clicked the moon and what do you know, it is called Firestorm bridge, somethin i have never has a problem with before. In edit i was able to shrink it down to very small. I then logged in with an alternative viewer and was able to detach the bridge from there, went back to usual viewer Firestorm and whilst the bridge is still attached and will not detach, the moon seems gone. I edited the UI and shrank it down and cannot find the offending moon. So, I guess I am just stupid. But at least I'm pretty:) Thanks so very much for everyone who took time with this silliness:) Namaste!
  2. Hi Qie, Good idea, so i went back detached everything except that stuff that wont (skin, shape) and relogged but still got the moon... here's a screen shot: 
  3. Thank you, I will try that. I have this insecurity about asking for help from them.
  4. I was logging on a long unused alt and needed to accept the TOS from last year. Being a multi-tasker, I was distracted momentarily and must have not accepted the TOS and now there is a big moon blocking my screen, rendering my avatar impossible to use. Anyone have a way to go back and accept the TOS? I can't find anything on this. Please don't advise me to ask LL about it. Previous experience has shown me they do not care unless you are a premium member. I have been in SL for a very long time and have spent thousands of dollars (real money not Lindens) yet for whatever reason that does not count. Thank you in advance. Julie
  5. Okay, I watched the video tutorial, read all the information here and there, and finally migrated my stuff. Not sure why but suddenly I have over a hundred 'unassociated inventory items'. Okay, I will just delete those. Click the boxes, and select delete and i get "So sorry to keep you waiting. We'll be right back! We've been notified about this issue and we'll take a look at it shortly. Continue shopping" Hmmm..... try it again and again and again and get the same message. Okay, maybe I need to delete EACH ONE individually, and yay that works but only half the time, when it fails I get the message above. This means I have to follow the link back to marketplace homepage, click to merchant homepage, then manage inventory. Okay Linden Labs, this is TOO MUCH WORK! Why can't your system work? Why do I have to delet these things individually, and even that fails half the time? I am really loosing patience with Second Life and in the past several months I hardly log on anymore... Julie
  6. Thank you very much for your reply. I have indeed written a short contract of sorts spelling out their obligation to the LL TOS, so I guess I am covered. I am not expecting any trouble, just wanted to know more about renting Julie
  7. I have been in Second Life for a long time, but am a new landlord, having decided to rent out a couple of nice skyboxes to help with the tier in my sim. I was wondering, as the subject of this message says, how much liability a landlord assumes from Terms of Service violations that might go on in a tenant's skybox. Skyboxes are popular because they are private, and there is no way I am going to invade my tenant's privacy, no way I am going to police activities that go on in those boxes, as I feel it is up to each individual to adhere to the LL TOS. Am I correct in this? If a person gets banned for whatever reason in my sim, am I liable as well for those activities? Thanks, Julie
  8. Yes, thank you:) I have attempted to file a ticket per their instructions to have the object broken down.... unfortunately the submit ticket page has a shockingly limited number of issues to choose from so i just selected login issues. Not sure how they expect us to ask for help if the tickets do not have a general category. Thanks for your help, i am crossing my fingers:)
  9. I cannot rename the object because, being amiz of permissions on the objects, the whole thing is no copy, no mod, no transfer.... Yes it is no fun being me right now Looked into submitting a ticket, but the options do not relate... the headings for issues are severly limited and a "general" or "other" category does not exist...
  10. Well thanks for your reply... i tried turning scripts off, relogging, etc... still won't rez... went to yet another sand box, still getting the same message *sigh* Hate to loose all that good inventory...
  11. Hi, I moved this morning to a new parcel and instead of taking away each thing from my former location, I took the whole house and contents in one big grouped object. I have dont this before many times. Now however, when trying to rez the thing (and I have plenty of room and prims), i keep getting a "Unable to create item that has caused problems on this region" which makes no sense to me. So, I went to several sandboxes to at least rez it all and take the stuff individually, but i get the same message, over and over. Sort of freaking out because that grouped object has tons of no copy items and represents several thousands of Lindens worth of inventory. Anyone encounter this or know of a work around? Any help would be great...thanks. Julie Rascon
  12. I buy a lot of stuff on the Marketplace, rarely shop inworld because I don't have the patience for all the rezzing in shops, etc... Delivery failures from all this shopping are very rare for me, perhaps i have not gotten 3 items in more than a year. Some are delayed, but generally i am satisfied with deliveries. I do wish I could report of deliveries with my items for sale, but as I have said before, the Markeplace has reduced my sales to zero. Julie
  13. Hi Luna... Thanks so much for your help. Unfortunately I tried all that yesterday and the thing still won't work. Not sure why, it worked great a year ago when I used it last. Gives me a "Inventory Item not found" warning. I make sure the box i put into the rezzer button is named exactly the same as the object in the Hippo vendor server.... Maybe I will give up and buy something else. Would like to keep Hippo though... Julie
  14. I have the Brandenburg Development hippoVend RezFaux Plug-in and have used it in the past and like it. It allows houses and large things to be rezzed from the Hippo vendor. Today I wanted to set it up again, and went to the website for instructions but alas, Ty Brandenburg seems to have left SL and his website is gone, and so are the instructions. I don't have any in inventory as a notecard. Wanted to ask if anyone knows how to set the thing up as I just can't remeber how and spent the whole day trying, to no avail. I tried his group but apparently you need an invite... *sigh* Thanks Julie
  15. I recently bought a pair of shoes on the marketplace and the delivery was delayed for some time. Eventually the product was delivered but no money was taken for the sale. Yes, i think the marketplace is broken. My sales are at almost zero now that we no longer have Xstreets, where I got brisk sales. I don't know why. Julie
  16. Land is far too expensive in Second Life. I have money to spend but I just can't justify the cost. There seems to be no real ownership, as mentioned above, its just a really expensive lease. No thank you. Give me a reason to spend sever hundred dollars here and I will.
  17. You are right, it's not worth it anymore. It is time to take our enormous monthly outlay of cash to another grid.
  18. OMG Yes! A great idea! I will never have a premium account because there is no benefit...i dont want a free house in some mainland lag ghetto.... I have been here for almost 2 years and have bought perhaps 3000 USD in Lindens, yet since I am not paying the premium membership I count for nothing. Wake up LL and look at where the dollars are coming from.
  19. Okay I might be confused here... don't you have to pay a monthly tier to either LL or a private company for land bought? Isn't that tier, in effect, a rental arrangement (without calling it that)? I buy land all the time but have always avoided a premium account because I never saw the benefit. Perhaps I am missing something with the tier thing....
  20. Well you can buy a homestead sim outright, i have several times, with no other condition. Just buy it from a private region seller, like Azure Islands. Go: http://azureislands.com/ I have always owned land through them and they are fantastic, perfect customer service, and affordable. Julie
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