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  1. Yes, roll back solved the problem. All is normal again. Thanks.
  2. LeTigre sims (at least) are performing horribly after todays sim restarts. My sim (Mocis) usually has a 98%-100% Scripts Run stat and lots of free time is today running at 20-40% Scripts Run and extremely slowwwww. My products report very low sim performance to me wherever they are rezzed on the grid and I'm getting emails sent to me from my products all over reporting horrible script performance today. It takes really poor performance for these nessages to be sent to me. I may get one in six months normally. I have already had four this morning and all reporting Scripts Run in the 3-15% range which is essentailly a not useable sim. Something is very messed up with todays updates.
  3. Yes, thanks for your comments Sassy. I understand and agree they need to test and Aditi gets almost no traffic. And yes, we get server fixes before the main grid, but we also get the new bugs that are found once beta hits the LeTigre RC that get fixed before it reaches the main grid, at least theoretically. Its just so frustrating with week after week of having the next beta dumped on your sim while you're paying them a lot of tier money every month to try and run a business that they are intent on taking away with the marketplace. Especially when trying to do any object/script/NC rezz or edit work in a nearly empty sim can take up to a minute of finger drumming and four letter words to happen (if it happens successfully at all) and a significant amount of the chat comes in 5-10 seconds late and out of order. Sim performance definitely is going downhill in my sim despite the new beta releases that we "voluntarily" test and our constant vigilance on sim resource usage and seemingly fine performance stats. Trying to focus on the positives of which there are many. What would we bitch about if not for SL? lol
  4. AHA! I see what Pamela's comment was about. Its a pity that some are so unappreciative of collaborative help. Anyway, I am very appreciative of your help. I also see from the JIRA that the problem I encountered is being experienced by others too. I made the unfortunate assumption that if my magic box was working ok, which it had been, that it didn't need upgrading which is now clearly wrong. Upgrading it seems to have fixed it completely and I can see now that is probably due to communications improvements that have been made in newer boxes. As a point of interest, I think I have figured out what triggered the start of my particular problem (with the old magic boxes still in place). For the first time in months I had updated some of the sales items in the magic boxes to new versions, restarted them from their menu and resynced them from trom the marketplace. Starting with the very next delivery, the problem started. Why that would trigger the problem I have no idea but its far too much of a coincidence to be unrelated to the problem onset. In any case the magic box update fixed it. As far as the hidden magic box management list, I had taken the wrong turn at the barricade back to the marketplace several times when following the marketplace path to manage your magic boxes assuming the link was broken and not even imagining the management of the marketplace magic boxes would be done in the old and long gone XStreet web pages. Not a thoughtful implementation, to put it nicely. They could have hidden it under the rock behind the garage like my extra house key, but then only burglars looking for the house key would have found it I suppose, perhaps along with wayward XStreet archeologists. It certainly would not be found by marketplace merchants trying to manage their magic boxes. LOL
  5. I did thank Zanara for her help, but thanks again Zanara, and thank you too, Pamela! Maybe together we can actually unravel a few twisted mysteries of SL with a bit of logic and some luck. So far so good, I have four successful orders so far today. Not a problem in sight. For the moment... THANK YOU!
  6. UPDATE: Just got my first two MP orders of the day with the new 3.0.11 magic boxes. Both worked perfectly-delivered and paid within a minute ot two. Both were single item orders. It seems wise based on this for everyone to make sure they have the 3.0.11 magic boxes set up just in case it was that, but who knows really. It could have nothing to do with it. Maybe killing a chicken or doing nothing would have the same result. Logic rarely applies here.
  7. To add some facts to my situation, I have a similar situation to ToySoldier. I am on a mainland sim that I own 80% of. There is only one other resident (who happens to love highly animated animals and has 3 or 4 of them: dogs and big cats and such--ARGGGGG! They are script lag monsters from what I see on the events per second stat often being over 1,000EPS) and a linden highway and railroad runs through it. There are rarely more than 3 or 4 people in the sim, usually 0-2 people. Its a very quiet sim Up to now, my delivery failures have been very minimal, maybe 10 failed deliveries a year out of roughly 1,000 + yearly deliveries. The exception is multi-item cart sales. I would say every single one of those fails to deliver at least one item in the cart. I would estimate that 1 out of 10 multi item cart sales fully worked. Not exactly a good record. My sim TD is pretty much always 0,998 though occasionally dips to 0.97 or so, and almost never below that. Having said that, the last couple of months have had pretty awful random chat lag and edit lag. Chat lag can go from none to 5-10 seconds randomly during the day with no discernable trigger cause. Also edit lag has been randomly horrible too in the same period, with rezz/delete/edit functions sometimes taking up to a minute and sometimes failing completely saying I don't have permissions on a full perm object/NC or rezz of an object has failed. But as I said this has been going on the last few months with no visible effect on SLM deliveries. Sure would like to get to the bottom of that issue but no luck so far and LL has been of little to no help. Everything in the sim is fine as far as they are concerned. It is a LeTigre RC sim so there are weekly restarts with new guinea pig server software. (BTW, what did I do to deserve being a server software guinea pig? I pay the same tier as everyone else. What would happen if a bank tried that with their customers doing forced online software testing??) Anyway, I digress. Getting upset is pointless, they do what they do-we have to live with it such as it is. My magic boxes, of which I have two, both with all 60 or so of my products in them are in my sim. Up to yesterday I had not updated the magic boxes themselves for quite a long time since I had no significant problems. They were running the 3.0.2 version of scripts so were pretty old but working fine. Starting just past midnight Saturday morning SL I had my first order on SLM-the magic box announced delivery by email, no sales email ever came. I checked the MP Transaction Log first thing in the morning and the order was listed with Partial Delivery Failure showing as the status. The order detail said Not Delivered, Not Paid. Meanwhile I had a registration email from the product itself showing it had been rezzed by that same buyer. Clearly it was delivered. This same exact thing repeated for all four orders on Saturday. I was not paid for any of them. At the end of the day I replaced both magic boxes with the latest 3.0.11 version. I talked to one buyer who said she had the funds debited and then refunded with a message that delivery had failed. She insisted she pay me on the spot for it once she knew what had happened. I will refund her if LL ever owns up and pays me the $2400L they owe me. I still have to contact the other 3. What a PITA. Have not had any MP orders yet today so I don't know yet if the magic box change has had any effect. We'll see soon. Clearly something changed to trigger this behavior. The change from previously functioning well to yesterday's DOA was clear and absolute. Every single one of the four sales did the exact same thing and they were all single item sales. The trigger for the problem is not obvious at all. I posted to see if it was me or others were seeing the same dramatic change. It seems to be something on my sim/magic box end from what I'm hearing as others have not had the same results.
  8. Hi Ela, thanks for that but this is definitely not what happened here. I have had a few of those LL redeliveries in the past too but these deliveries correspond directly to failed marketplace transactions occurying simultaneously and were confirmed delivered to the buyer in those "failed" transactions by my on rez registration scripts in the products and by corresponding simultaneous magic box emails. It appears that the marketplace believes the magic box deliveries failed even though they didn't and refunded the buyers even though the products were actually delivered to the buyer. Its beginning to sound like it may be caused by failures in the magic box delivery server as Zanara suggested in her reply where it somehow doesn't get or doesn't process the message that the magic box has made its delivery and so the money should be paid to the seller so it assumed that no delivery occured and gives a refund to the buyer. One of the buyers I talked to confirmed that she got the product and got a refund from LL saying it hadn't been delivered. I actullay went to her place and helped her set it up. She bought it and it was definitely delivered and she had received a refund so had not actually paid for it. She was honest enough to pay me on the spot. but I have three others to track down... so far today anyway.
  9. Thank You Zanara!, I have just deleted the old magic boxes from the list there. I didn't even know that list of magic boxes was hidden back there on the XStreet page. PHEWW Could it be any more hidden? That is rea[ly good to know! TY! I see what you mean about magic box box communications possibly being behind the delivery/payment problems. Seems that communication was done on a wing and a prayer and the prayers have stopped working.
  10. Hi Zanara, every single one of mine is doing exactly the same thing. It says BEING DELIVERED for about an hour then goes to DELIVERY PARTIALLY FAILED. They are all one item purchases so there does not appear to have been anything else in the cart-just the one item. And they all say NOT PAID under payment status. The order summary says DELIVERY FAILED and NOT PAID. I talked to one of the buyers and they said they were charged initially then refunded for failed delivery. But they were definitely all delivered. I have a registration script in my products too that emails me on first rezz. I also got the magic box messages saying the items were all delivered. I have tried updating my magic boxes to the latest though, just in case its causing MP to think the delivery failed somehow although I have never had these problems before. Who knows why things just seem to happen in the MP. Wondering if my sim could be a cause-chat lag has been randomly horrible on it recently (like 10 seconds delay randomly) though the sim stats look fine. Lots of free frame time and .998 Time Dilation all the time. That's what we get for being on a guinea pig server version though we pay the same tier as everyone else. Its not like we volunteered to be an RC channel. Sheesh.
  11. A JIRA has been started for the LL Great Marketplace Giveaway. https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/WEB-4483 The order statuses are now showing as "Delivery Partially Failed" even though they were all single item orders. I guess I should take that to mean "I delivered it but forgot to take the money". GREAT JOB LL!
  12. Julie, thanks for confirming from a buyers view what I am seeing as a seller today-items are being bought and delivered and no payments are being credited at all. I have now three products delivered since SL midnight and no payments credited at all. I'm out almost 2,000L so far today. And i have irrefutable confirmation that the products were delivered and rezzed despite the status of the MP saying they were not delivered and therefore not paid. I'm sure if it was LL's money being lost they would be all over it.
  13. I have now received two notices that my products have been delivered by my magic box and both orders show on my mareketplace transaction history as Undelivered and Not Paid. There are no payments recorded on my SL account Transaction History so I have not been paid for either of them, One delivery is 12 hours old. That's now 2 out of 2 orders that have been delivered without being paid for today. Its the first time it ever happened to me much less twice in one day. WTH? Looking at my web SL Transaction history, there is a notice that transactions are delayed by xx minutes. It goes up every time I look. First it was 15 minutes, then 25 then 32 minutes and now 34 minutes. I have not seen anything like it in my nearly 5 years on SL. Of course there is nothing on the network status blog. Everything is just hunky dory as far as LL is concerned while our items are given away. WHAT IS GOING ON??? Is anyone else seeing this too?
  14. I'm in a LeTigre sim and the latest server release broke my furniture with rezzing pose balls completely. The menus work but no pose balls rezz, though it acts like it did rezz them. And it gives me two out of bounds errors which I think implies that its trying to rezz the pose balls somewhere that's invalid? I tried rezzing the furniture in KT, BlueSteel and non RC release sims and there it still gives the errors but at least rezzes two pose balls but they are in the wrong place and don't present the proper pose when sat on. I have been using this furniture for years without problems and now it seems totally broken. and won't even work on non RC sims. What's going on?
  15. They hide limit orders. You have to go into Manage/L$ Exchange Settings and select Advanced. Then when you go to Manage/Sell L$ the limit options will appear.
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