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  1. Hello everyone, I am using Firestorm and besides a bit of lag in busy clubs it doest it's job for what I do in SL Having said that, over the last 3 weeks I am having trouble with hud and people/environment not rezzing. My lag meter says: client frame between 10 and 15, possible cause images loading. I don't mind people and environment not rezzing but my huds for my mesh body/face is irritating.. Hopefully I can get some advice.
  2. I have been in SL a long time and to be honest, I have met a lot of people like that. The amount of unstable people with issues in SL is staggering. If he feels the need to hide your relationship, it is dodgy.
  3. There is a place called: The Gor Hub. Start there.
  4. That did work for me as well but as soon as I TPed home I got disconnected. Can't log back in now.
  5. Sorry for the late reply. Thanks for unbanning me! I apprecitate it.
  6. Ah, thanks. Then it is an upgrade. At least that is what I think. I have the LOGO head Alex 3.1. SL mesh addicts gives the latest version 5.0.
  7. There is an for my head. At least that is what SL mesh addicts is showing. I went to the store for a redelivery, no update there.
  8. My account was hacked many months ago and the hacker posted messages in groups.. Lucky SL sorted it out for me and had my account back the next day. Having said that, some have of course banned me from their groups. One of them is m=the group for my LOGO head. I have explained the issue to the owner and people who work for him, but I do not even get a reply. I therefor can not get an update for my head as well.. I am at a loss what to do now. Seeing the amount I spend for the head and want to keep it update ..
  9. Thanks, I will pass it on to her.
  10. I logged in this morning but my friend was not able to see my profile. My profile is set to Friends.. No one can follow me or see my feed..So my friend should be able to see it?
  11. That is odd.. First of all I changed my profile today a bit, so the profile photo is not the right one. My friend however can not see my profile in SL.The link you gave does show me my profile whereas a few minutes before I posted the thread it clearly said: Profile is unavailable.
  12. Hello there, I have had a problem with my account and it had to be recovered. A friend of mine is using the SL viewer while I am using Firestorm. Since my account has been recovered my friend can no longer see my profile. It says it is unavailable. After doing a search online I can't see my profile either. Firestorm users can of course see my profile. Is there a solution for this that I am not aware of?
  13. As soon as you take a virtual seriously and think it is the same as in real life, you have a problem. That is not to say you can do whatever just because it is virtual and there are no reprocutions to what someone does.It simple means you need to lower your expectations.Bottom line SL is not RL.We just come here because there is something in our real world that we can not have or find.
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