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  1. Same issue, just came here to see if it was just something on my side or theirs.
  2. I just checked, this option is indeed turned on, im waiting on the GF to get home so she can turn it off. Though still, i have Payment Info on File, and when we needed to verify our age through drivers license etc i did just that. Why all of a sudden is it changed for me, it makes no sense, isn't the Payment Info on File not enough anymore?
  3. Long time player first time poster here, today i logged in to see my house behind banlines, upon checking things out i found things were changed. Fine enough right? I checked my preferrances and it still says : General, Moderate, Adult My Land is Adult. I tried TPing to another Adult sim where i RP in, and lo and behold, i can easily get there no problems whatsoever. Yet when i try to get to my house it keeps telling me i need to verify my age, i got account details on file and my age was verified a long time ago, what is going on, all i want is to access 'my' own house :smileysad:
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