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  1. AFK Dancers at clubs that dont speak unless you tip them then it's a 1 line gesture then they back to afk. DJ's - Send Requests! DJ: I dont like that song and it doesnt fit my genre. and mostly afk and never speaks unless tipped then its a 1 line gesture reply.
  2. Ok so this is the 2nd time I have lost everything in the past 2 months remind you I have been heer since 2007 and 'had' quite a collection. But I get dropped from server logged out, then NOT 1 of my scripts work. Mesh Body is all deformed because the auto deformer that allows me to do my own shape is broken. I have no face as the mesh head script is locked out, I have no more AO's as they are locked and the only way to fix this I have found so far is to re submit a request for a replacement once again then start all over from scratch yet again remaking all outfits and folders. It costs me over 50,000L a month ago to replace 'some' items I needed. Not going that route again. So, does anyone know or understand what is going on and how to fix this?
  3. Ok so it looks like some of thes hackers have a new tool that they can target you and shut down all scripts. So Im having to detach everything and do a hard reset on each and every item in my inventory to get it to run again.
  4. Ive lost the ability to click on any hud as if all scripts have been deleted, right click check and they are all there. Run Reset, nothing. mesh avatar is all monkey looking now as it will not run its deformer. I've reinstalled, flushed cache, reset scripts, nothing is working.
  5. Im having this same issue, my ava is all bugged and wont load properly. I have also tried reinstalling and flushing all cache.
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