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  1. AS a customer, yes I respect it. I think the terms need to be stated IN the item description if on marketplace or PROMINENTLY in the store if in world. I do not think including a notecard is sufficient. I do however find it frustrating now that I'm more established and wish i could seperate my store by using an alt to sell clothes, however, because of the restrictions I signed up for, I will keep my schizo store because it's more important to me to abide by the license I signed up for. To me it would make a difference.... if it's not stated when I buy it, then I didn't account for it in my purchase... .and I think it's less valid. State it up front, then nobody can complain. However, I believe it's pretty hard to enforce as a seller. on your honor isn't worth a ton in SL.
  2. I see the predicament for both parties. Undoubtedly you should have received bettercustomer service, however, I ASSUME if I'm getting a raw or zip file that there may be hazards associated with downloading it. If I'm uncomfortable, I write the seller. I think most sellers would be happy to send you an E-mailed Raw or Zip (I know as a seller I would). also the refund issue is hazy because (1) you still have full perms in your possession or the ability to download them, and refunding doesn't help that problem. I think when you buy psds you should know that an offsite download is possible. Sellers should do their best with this, but you can't hold them responsible for third party site problems, malware, etc. You should heva been dealt with more professionally but in the future, write your seller first and ask for an e-mailed version if this is a concern for you, or just don't buy PSDs. The remainder of your ideas just seem angry. While I would be angry too if what happened to you happened to me, it seems like you are putting an awful lot off on the seller. As I said before, I assume that when connecting to a third party site for downloads there are risks, most people would. As to the comment about not buying templates (from a respondent, not original poster), that's just silly, I think that person doesn't understand the difference between the UV templates and real clothing templates (as in workable items). I buy lots of clothing templates, and have never had issues. I've only bought PSD's once, but I loved them and will def buy more in the future, if nothing else, because they are fabulous to learn from. Sorry you had a bad experience.
  3. try syncing again, sometimes that helps me. Otherwise, I've noticed marketplace is having some syncing issues. I'd try a couple times and make sure you refresh until it gives you the "sync boxes" button again (otherwise it's still working). they've been doing some marketplace "fixing" so my guess is there's a big of a hiccup. you probably aren't doing anything wrong.
  4. YES. I have next to zero drawing ability. My 6 year old draws better than I do. Not. Eggagerating. But I am fairly successful at designing and modifying all sorts of things. I have a good eye even though my fingers can't often design things from scratch. I use a lot of templates, or ready made sculpts, and I add things, detail them, texture them, modify, make larger builds, and I do fairly well... at least I enjoy it. I am still very much a beginner but with a little time an ingenuity you can have a ton of fun and make some wonderful things, all with very little traditional artistic ability. YOu just have to be willing to learn and willing to PRACTICE.
  5. Somehow I am able to create objects that have NO Permissions. I'm not talking about conflicting permissions (prim is no copy, script is no mod/no trans) I'm talking in the object properties tab I can make and sell objects that have NONE of the three boxes checked. I don't know how... and it's not possible to do it when I create the original prim, appears to happen when I take copies of certain objects? At least as near as I can tell. I've just noticed it on several of my items and am having to dig them out, redo the permissions, and relist. Anybody know WHY this is happening? Is it a bug? (and yes... I know, I'm learning, tripple check permissions. :) )
  6. you are going to want a permanent place. Lack of box = failed deliveries so auto returns, etc, will harm you. There are places that actually rent a very tiny amount of prims (I've seen some that rent 1 prim) just for magic box placement. YOu should try those. You NEED a secure place for the box.
  7. Can't tell you where it's sold, a pic might help, sounds pretty simple to make though.
  8. When you get to the auction area, check both US auctions and the L$ Auctions (more likely L$ Auctions). It can sort by region name and they never have gobs at once. Sometimes the area turns purple on your map several days before the actual auction starts (it turns purple as soon as it's officiall set up for auction, not when auction begins). Keep watching for a few days. Since auctions turn over every 48 hours or so it'll show up soon. The auction number, however, won't help you, unless you're on call with live support or something, but it's frankly easier to give them SURLs.
  9. Came on today and got a brief message that items had been flagged for being in teh wrong category? It was 2 gift boxes... that haven't sold in AGES (over a month) and they're listed in the same category as other gift boxes on SL...... I just clicked past the notice, and relisted the items, couldnt' find anythign wrong at all...... aand I can't seem to retreive the notice to see what the problem was. Why would this happen? And any way to retreive the notice so I know what to change? They've been listed months just fine, and I've never received a single complaint about them.
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