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  1. Today I had the unpleasant experience of trying to download some clothing templates that I bought on the Marketplace. The note card I was sent, took me to ilivid, a download site that required me to download several pieces of their software and watch adds and download more before I could possibly get the file I spent good money for. By the time my malware protection kicked in, I had no time to save my computer from becoming a smoldering heap and spreading the malware through my network. Getting a refund was like pulling teeth, and then I was told that the person that set this all up would not even consider herself responsible for the damage. No apology, no consideration, no taking responsibility. The hardware damaged, or even the time spent cleaning up all the spyware, adware, and malware represent hidden risks and costs THAT SHOULD BE DISCLOSED BY THE SELLER. As a result of this experience, I have several suggestions for all who buy and sell .zip, .rar, and raw code over the Marketplace: If you sell such on the Marketplace you should disclose the added costs of the download in your product description.If you buy such on the Marketplace and find that there are hidden costs or risks from an unknown site trying to install software on your computer, THEN FILE NEGATIVE FEEDBACK DESCRIBING YOUR EXPERIENCE.SHUN any vendor that does not disclose the hidden costs of their product and has negative feedback to that effect.There is no excuse for this type of dishonesty, and I’m betting not one of the vendors that use these sites will take responsibility for their actions or the results of their actions. If you end up at ilivid, remember I am livid at what they have cost me for a 300 linden product, and livid at the woman who sold that product without disclosure.
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