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  1. No worries, get an SL job in European or Australian time. They have a heavy SL presence and are fun people! mulana wrote: i cant do sl in world job because my rl timezone is different from sl timezone.........
  2. I've been an SL Resident for going on a decade (this year), and I've finally found an issue thats truly vexing. For 8+ years I and my partner have owned land and split the tier. For most of the time its been allowed, I've used Paypal to pay my SL obligations to Linden Lab. Now, within the last couple of weeks - all my LindenX "buy" transactions are failing, altho LL was able to bill my PayPal successfully formy land tier. I have reopened a support case with LL three times now, but they say the problem is my bank or Paypal (both deny this) and both payment methods work everywhere BUT SL on lindenX purchases. LL refers me to 3rd-party sellers. I've recently run into one other person having this issue in the lst few days, and my question is; "How widespread is this?" The runaround is getting kinda old :-) If anyone has any clues as to what may be causing this, and a solution; please message me.
  3. Actually, the mesh body might be expensive, but it would also be easier if you don't like avatar creation.
  4. I generally keep a note in the RL section of my Profile stating plainly ( I re-word it from time to time ) that "I have a Real Life, I come here to escape from it and will not be discussing it here". Now, I have been in a committed SL relationship for about nine years, so when that makes people Assume that I have "reasons" for not sharing ( married in RL or different gender in RL ) doesn't impact me :-) When people IM me and get nosy, I sometimes politely point out that I have had bad experiences when people misused my RL information....but mainly I just change the subject :-)
  5. Je Suis Charlie Speaking for myself, I believe it is better for me to have a thicker skin than for me to selfishly demand that others check their freedom of expression to avoid "offending" me. Freedom of Expression is perhaps the most important freedom that thinking beings can excercise.
  6. The client also has a "test avatar" built in, I believe under the advanced menu. Activating it will take you back to "Ruth" status
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