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  1. If you are ever looking for non-Guy peoples for a Para-RP family, I might be interested in emoting at you :-)
  2. Mister SirLeighBastard, We rarely get out of the bus garage, but thank you.for the offer :-D
  3. I've been here 10 years, and altho I have had to spend some effort to find people who are rewarding to be around; the effort has been worth it. I have had the best luck expanding my social circles in the roleplay sims that demand a little "depth" from characters and which parapost. Generally the Typists who gravitate to those areas tend to be people you can socialise with Out of Character. I also tend to just IM people with intersting profiles when I'm out shopping or in clubs and have made several good friends that way over the years. I stay away from Blank profiles or people whose main focus seems to be sex/shooter-games/"looking for RL relationship" as many times they really don't want to be social outside those venues. I am great supporter of adult fun in Second Life, but its not my primary reason for being here. Feel free to chat me up any time, I'm always intersted in meeting people who are good company :-)
  4. No worries, get an SL job in European or Australian time. They have a heavy SL presence and are fun people! mulana wrote: i cant do sl in world job because my rl timezone is different from sl timezone.........
  5. Thank you Madelaine! No matter how angry I get at Linden Lab sometimes, I will always be grateful for SL facilitating Rej and I ;-P
  6. I'm not sure how "average" it is for people to Partner in SL and then *stay* that way for ten years, but I'm betting its not common :-) Ten years ago Rejeanne and I met in the Amazon Nations and began a relationship thats lasted for a decade. We've managed clubs and explored roleplay sims together, danced, explored, been skydiving, drove, swam, triviaed, explored the BDSM community and generally been inseperable. I've loved it, and I love her. I'm hoping our second decade together is as fulfilling as the first has been. Thanks to all the friends who have made the journey with us and to the people at LL for providing the opportunity for us to meet. Best wishes to all! 
  7. I've been an SL Resident for going on a decade (this year), and I've finally found an issue thats truly vexing. For 8+ years I and my partner have owned land and split the tier. For most of the time its been allowed, I've used Paypal to pay my SL obligations to Linden Lab. Now, within the last couple of weeks - all my LindenX "buy" transactions are failing, altho LL was able to bill my PayPal successfully formy land tier. I have reopened a support case with LL three times now, but they say the problem is my bank or Paypal (both deny this) and both payment methods work everywhere BUT SL on lindenX purchases. LL refers me to 3rd-party sellers. I've recently run into one other person having this issue in the lst few days, and my question is; "How widespread is this?" The runaround is getting kinda old :-) If anyone has any clues as to what may be causing this, and a solution; please message me.
  8. It would probably help to know what kind of Master you are looking for.... Gorean? Do you wish to be a Pet, Submissive or a Slave? Lifestyle or just for occasional Scening? Male only, or will a Mistress do? Are there any specific scenes, situations, preferences or Limits to be aware of? There are many people claiming to be Dominants, but not all operate at the same degree of skill, and even amongst those who possess it, there are many "favors" of BDSM. It pays to make sure people know what you want.
  9. Agreed about Furries, they catch a lot of over-the-top crap. The only time I've really had an issue with anyone from the Fur community was when a -militant- group of Fur-Residents tried to force a historical Roleplay sim to allow furry characters in what was supposed to be a real-world recreation. In that case, as it was a Private sim, Realism carried they day. Not because anyone hated Fur, but because Furries weren't "Period" as my SCA friends would say.
  10. I do admit that I find it unlikely that relationships can jump from SL into RL with any reasonable chance of success. I'm happy with my relationship in SL, but our ground-rules were always to keep the relationship in SL. Living in different countries, SL is more practical.
  11. Agreed, skin tone makes no difference. How we act does.
  12. Actually, the mesh body might be expensive, but it would also be easier if you don't like avatar creation.
  13. I have been partnered to the same woman in SL for nine years. I love her dearly and cannot imagine life without her. We have done the mutual-support thing, but mainly its a case of having found my soulmate - someone who captivates both my Brain and my heart. Some people DO have unrealistic expectations, but some of us don't :-)
  14. Part of the confusion is that people use SL for different things. The folks who use SL as a Dating Service and are looking for RL love, can be a little put out by the fact that the beautiful girl of their dreams is in fact a guy who uses SL to express and explore that facet of his character. Honesty is important. Even folks who are only after Pixel Sex can go that way, wanting their SL playmates to actually be the opposing gender. When I meet someone like that, I direct them to the appropriate "verified" group and offer up some insight about everyone not being here for the same reasons.
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