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  1. when the client is on the main slot for materials and when it will be updated on phoenix firestorm
  2. When I bake a normal map has some problem. On the horns caked card bearable. Bake CUDA. But the problems with the body. the question of what is necessary to expose the tangent Space for sl? sorry for my english
  3. When will solve my problem, I've done everything correctly :matte-motes-angry: looking forward for you help . with best regards (name) Thank you
  4. PROBLEM!!! All remained still, please get my problem solve
  5. I can not download the meshes. The same problem as in Anabel I passed the test at 100% and light pink Visa credit card - tied to an account yesterday but for some reason vseravno status glows pink. Please take out Linden lab I'm from Russia and the problem like Annabel. Just a test but does not bind Visa
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