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  1. Oh I do see that my next bill is $0. Still can't wrap my head around why I got charged $4 for a LL home only, sucks but guess I know not to touch it now.
  2. I purchased 3 months of premium at the discounted rate on December 17th & only ever used my Linden Lab home. I got rid of my home & put an end to my premium subscription at least 2 weeks before my premium was even supposed to end. So my premium did end 3 weeks ago but my land use has been nothing for at least a full month. It says my charge is a "Recurring mainland fee" which is leading me to think I'll get another $4 charge next month.
  3. I just got charged $4 for Land Use Fees when I: Do not own any land Am no longer a premium subscriber When I try to change it to the $0/month plan it says that I need to upgrade to premium to "own land" and does not change the option. So unless this is a bug I have to pay $9.50 just to be able to cancel the thing that my account isn't even utilizing?
  4. Switching my veiwer to my main display fixed it.. thankyou ^.^
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