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  1. Thanks Mick. That seems to have done the trick for me. :}
  2. When I click that link, all it says is that "There is currently no text in this page."
  3. So I have an avatar issue (not with this one I'm logged in as, but with one called Simi Tomorrow, which belongs to my boss) where no matter what computer we try to log him into, or what outfit we put on him, there are issues rendering his avatar (on both the old viewer and viewer 2). He either appears entirely blacked out or completely invisible except for his attachments (such as hair, eyes, and shoes) or mixture of the two (IE - invisible head and black body). And he shows up that way to me from my avatar's perspective too (I only see the attachments). We've tried logging in and out again, and changing his outfit to some of the various default outfits provided from by Linden Labs, but to no avail. Any ideas on why this is happening or how we can fix it?
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