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  1. Hello, I need a Android viewer with 3D option like Lumiya viewer but BoM compatible? Any?
  2. MMMmmm .. default avatar look more manikins and with mesh body looks more realistic. I've slink (physique and hourglass) and maitreya, both looks really great. Don't like how look my classic avatar. Yes, maybe some mesh body are expensive, but slink are 1250 L$ (without feet and hands - I love hourglass shape *.* very curvylicious) and maitreya 2750 L$ (included bento hands and feet - with glam affair skins), both are good option and looks awesome. About mesh head, I've CATWA (Bento and non-bento) they move your mouth, and yes they (mesh head and addons) are very... very expensive.
  3. Ok, but I always used "Instant Buy", it's first time that I used Best Rate Buy, accidentally pay an amount that i don't desired. For that reason I cancel the order! I'm very mad -> SL never refund my money.
  4. If accidentally i pucharsed for LindeX and cancel the order.... how get a refund? or need open in case to my paypal?
  5. Hey, I cancel an order on Linden Exchange, accidentally pay on Linden Exchange for an amount that i don't desired... Ok i cancel the order... Time Opened - Time Closed: 2017-04-08 22:32:49 - 2017-04-08 22:37:34 but SL system never give my money back ->:S I'm very mad... what happend??? or need open case on paypal?
  6. Hola a todos compre lindens en Linden Exchange, probando el tipo de limit buy, aja todo bien el problema que coloque la cantidad incorrecta... así que cancele la orden no tarde ni 5 minutos y demora mucho. al hacerlo esperaba el dinero de vuelta a mi paypal... para mi sorpresa no me lo devolvieron, lo cuál me genero mucha molestia. Aja, quiero saber como pido devuelta mi dinero pague en paypal. O debo abrir un caso en paypal reclamado uso no autorizado de mi dinero?. Pues cancele la orden,
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