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  1. Hmmm... I wasn't aware they had dropped the age verification... From what I've seen, it used to work pretty good. Guess it didn't work to their satisfaction.
  2. LL has in place a system where you have to be age verified to go to an adult sim. If you are not of age in your country then you cannot get into a adult sim. SL is for everyone to enjoy. Every faith, every religion, every sexual preference, every musical preference etc.. etc.... Everyone needs to be tolerant of aspects of a virtual world they don't enjoy, but others may enjoy greatly. Everyone in SL is creative in their own special way. That creativity is what makes SL the incredibly wonderful world it is. SL2 should be apealing to an even larger audience of users so the creativity level will increase. A steril world will die. A diverse world of many cultures and activites will definately flurish. The bottom line for LL is that they need to appeal to a very diverse and large user base in order to keep users active and inworld. Hense the developement of SL2. It's going to be good. It's going to allow highly creative people to flurish. Not everyone will agree on everything LL does.
  3. Not sure who started this thread changing over to porn but all I can say is if someone doesn't like adult content then don't go to adult sims. Problem solved.
  4. This is my wish list for Second Life 2: I would like custom bones that will allow animation for various avatar shapes and for the default avatar a set of bones that will allow for animation of the fingers and toes as well as facial animations. This will really bring the avatar to life. Also, I would like the ability to animate non avatar mesh creatures with a set of bones. For scripting I would like the use of a matrix rather than a list. Fact is in my opinion the scripting needs to be redeveloped from scratch, but still needs to be easy to understand and use. I find the way the current scripting is it is very limited. I'm actually looking forward to SL2. I know it will be a huge improvement even if I have to redevelope everything. I do however think it will take 3 to 5 years to migrate users. This really worries me because I'll probably need to rent land in to worlds and hope that sales will cover the cost of my transition to SL2. It might be a bumpy ride at first but I think they are heading in the right direction. Crosses my fingers and hopes for the best. I'm also sort of worried that I'll need to use more outside programs to develope items for SL2 and that could be a huge learning curve. One more thing. Increase the prim limit for objects. 256 sounds like a lot but sometimes it just doesn't do it. Maybe an increase in sim prim limits would be good too for more visually pleasing environments.
  5. If yu get this figured out please post it because I can't access my store either!! Is the marketplace totally borked?
  6. The cogs in Philips AI began to multiply and divide, adding and subtracting at a furious pace. (must have upgraded to a Intel i7 processor) He blinked and smiled. "By my calculations, woman from the future, 42 vibrates down to the base number 6, so viewer 6 should be great as in 6 times the pleasure of the current viewer. The beast will ROARRRrr to life!" Philip raised his hands high into the air. "Come to me my darling..." The woman said, "I think you have my number. Together we shall raise the beast viewer!"
  7. Ok, I haven't been to the sim(s) to check this out yet but it is a good idea what LL has done with this game thing. After viewing the pics in this blog possibly they are gearing this mini game towards 12 year old girls who will eventually become interested and older and may hang around long enough to become a premium member at some point, fattening LL's pockets in the future. Older users die off and fresh blood is needed to fill the gaps. I think it is a good idea to give the residents a sampling of what is to come and.... we all know that when us residents twist their evil genious minds with new tweeks and functions that they will create a world far supierior to the sample game created by LL's to demonstrate these new functions. Now what I really want is to be able to REPROGRAM THE ENTIRE KEYBOARD for greater usability in controlling the avatar. If something like this already exists then please direct me to it as I can't find anything on the subject at all.
  8. their jaws hit the floor. The woman had the last frosty cold beer with beads of condensation slowly sliding down the side of the can mezmarizing their eyes. The woman tilted her head back and raised the can high toward her lips... It seemed to take forever like it was in super slow motion. We screamed "NOOOOOOOoooooooooo!!!" in unision as she begain pouring the beer like a golden cascading waterfall of glory towards her mouth. We leaped towards her our lips parched by the hot noon sun.
  9. "To sail the Second Life seas." Philip replied. "A ship with more power and faster processing so mesh objects will become very intriguing in the metaverse, so a ship in a metaphorical manner would represent better servers, which in turn will be about veiwer 42." The captain nodded... "and the WD-40 represents the well oiled machine of Second Life, but I do think there is a missing link in the chain. I saw..."
  10. I turn my head. "Say Phil.... were you ever able to get my spaceship returned to me?" I swear this particular Philip Linden isn't the real one since he is a little hunched over in the 'Away Pose' and looks like a noob. Just to be sure I get out a nice set of samauri swords and step through all of the fighting animation around Philip. 'Hmmm... nothing eh?' I sheath my swords. Yeah, definatley a maniquin. I wasn't sure what happened to the girl... she seemed to have vanished. Maybe Elite ran off with her or maybe something worse happened. I check the BBQ. My virtual heart beat violently as I reached for the lid. It was a big BBQ. At least 7 feet long. Large enough to hold a avatar. There was no smoke coming from it so I was fairly certain it was not roasting anything at the moment. Maybe the winds from the nearby tornado snuffed out the flames. I clicked on the lid causing my avatar to grasp it and fling it open revealing...
  11. shuffle his way robotically towards the kitchen. Twenty minutes later Elite is sitting at a picnic table outside chewing on the roasted Vampire. "Tis a little crunchy, Christna." He cocked his head to one side as he chewed vigorously. When the others turned their heads he spit the charred flesh out as far as he could hoping no one would notice. "mmmm yum... that was filling." he said with a smile. "Oh would you like some more?" Christna said lifting the plate of flesh.
  12. "Her name is.." "Come on Phil... Spit it out.. Her name is?" He seemed to be stuck in mental overload. Either that he went for a coffee in real life. I sit down on a neaby log nibbling on the blueberry pie he gave me. Not bad.. Phil can cook or maybe he bought the pie at a SL bakery shop. I can eat as much as I want and yet I never seem to get full...Hmmm.... While I wait for Phil to spit out the name of the girl he was with I decide to lay down some ice, put up some boards, nets and get on my hockey equipment to shoot some pucks around. Lucky I was able to rez things here. I stop suddenly on the ice..SSSHKKKKKK!! Phil sputtered... "Her name is..."
  13. spoon in a manner that looked otherworldly. Maybe he was preparing dinner. Phil tilited his head to one side. "You know, Your saucer is.." "Yes I know...." I said. " I had a little trouble parking it." I smile a bit sinacley. "I thought I did a pretty nice job of parking it considering it was my first attempt. I think it might be ghosted though since I couldn't take it back into my inventory. Could you get somebody on that Phil? Thanks." I spin him around 'cause he looked sort of like he was dazed by the beauty of my spaceship and walked him towards the door of the house. "Say Phil... Do you have any cheeze noodles?"
  14. It's been eight days since I was left scurrying around the vampire hive. Ducking here and there trying to be undetected. Of course that floating text above my head didn't help much. It's like a big neon sign flashing there "HEYYYY I'm over here!!!!" to all the vampires. Fortunately no one seems to pay attention and I was able to make it across sim borders. I've decided to go in search of Hippie Bowman. Maybe a spaceship is what I need to soothe my frazzled nerves. I open up the handy dandy map and type in LaGrange Point. Deciding the slum lord might have a deal on I check my guns and tp...
  15. Slamming on the brakes HARD!!!! SCREEEEEETCH!!!! The car stopped. Elite had a look of shock on his face. One by one a horde of vampires bagan popping up, teleporting in to surround the car. They looked hungry like they hadn't fed in a long time. Fangs flashed with bling, Faces snarled with glee. One of them was using Rayzer's power stance taunt animation to motion Elite to come forward. The car went dead...oh oh...Elite tried the key again... zzzzsk zzzzdk.. nothing... Dang a no script zone on this portion of the road..These vampires were intelligent setting a trap on the road like that. The vampires lerched forward carressing the car with their sharp fingernails. Elite gulped hard wondering why Philip was leading him on this wild goose chaseor why he was still following him. The vampires were up against the car windows clawing violently at the glass, showing their fangs and...
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