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  1. I love photographry ... I would like to take some photo's in SecondLife and use them in the real world to make money. Is there any law that prevents me form doing this? Is it similar to taking photos in the Real World and making money by saling them? or using them on calendars, posters, puzzles, etc. ?
  2. Yep ... guess we all need to "Get a Life" ... LOL ... but if my SL wasn't more interesting than my RL ... I might not be trying to get onto SL anyway ... LOL ... :smileyfrustrated:
  3. I have been having the same issue ... It is 2:30 EST ... so that is 11:30 PST? ... I was looking for some answers ... I did find a post on the grid saying that there was an unexpected restart at 7ish PST this morning but did not get any details. Just to wait for further notice.
  4. I like ... very imaginative ...
  5. Hello CdnValleyGal ... there are places called "Sandboxes" ... some are larger than others ... but ... they are free and you can practice putting out items, building, etc. and not have to "Rent" a spot. Try Searching Sandbox I don't thin you are a mooch ... times are hard all over the world these days ... and it affects everyone ...
  6. Another thought pops into my mind ... My whole family is/was playing this "Game" ... and if a "Household" is only allowed 5 "Alts" then what if there is more than 5 people in your family? Is that conciderd "Alts"? ...
  7. When I first started in 2008 I was unclear that it was premitted to have more than one "legally" ... and I did create an "Alt" I used it for work ... My "Alt" became my "working" avatar and my original was for personal use. My "Alt" was a Hostess at a club ... not a dancer ... and for a nice ballroom atmasphere ... LOL ... So when I created her ... I made up the information and she is/was just a figmant of my imagination ... lol ... my Cyble ... LOL When I started a new job in RL I was unable to work my SL job anymore and did not get on as that Avatar for almost a year. Now that it has bee
  8. So are your other Avatars ... well ... like different people to you? do you consider them to be "real" just as if they were a separate person?
  9. I am just curious to how many people have created Multiple Avatars and why they decited to do so? Is it allowed? or is it frowned upon?
  10. Do you have to wear this Garlic necklace all the time or just once?
  11. I just upgraded to a premium account .... and got my "home" .... How many prim do I have to use and how can I tell? where do I check the available prim for my home use ... and how do I allow my SL hubby access?
  12. ok thanks ... wasn't sure if I should be worried or not. Did not understand what they ment by it.
  13. Someone told me I was in "Limbo". At some point I was bitten by a Vampire. I do not understand how or when or where, but now all I want to know is how to get out of "Limbo". I do not wish to be a "Vampire". Can anyone help me with this?
  14. This is a Great Thread, Eddie I am not sure how Newbie your actually are, but I joined in Feb... of 2008. My husband and I joined together. Him shortly before me. I am still currently a premium member, and have a small Fashion Franchise. I do not sale much but I have fun trying. Our story, SU & I joined because we spent many hours, days, weeks, and even months away from each other. You see he is an Owner Operator and drives over the road in an 18 Wheeler (Big Rig). Over the years as I was home taking care of our son, working, and continuing my education, My RL hubby drove
  15. I thought that I could not add a group to the land/house .... and have not been able to click on the land to see the prims used or unused .... seems that I have no permissions to the land at all .... cannot change anything .... and yes I am married on SL .... and would like to have it where my hubby can set his home to my home also ....
  16. I just upgraded to a premium account .... and got my "home" .... How many prim do I have to use and how can I tell? where do I check the available prim for my home use ... and how do I allow my SL hubby access?
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