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  1. Prohibited States & Countries Residents of the following states and countries may not participate in Skill Gaming in Second Life: Arizona Arkansas Delaware Florida Kentucky Louisiana Maryland South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee
  2. If your friend has poofed, most likely they have deleted their account. The groups may still show on their profile, but in the groups themselves they will be gone since their account no longer exists. Yes you can hide groups from showing on your profile, but there is no way to hide yourself within a group. Hope that helps.
  3. I did try this today - I cleared cache, logged into the SecondLife Beta grid, let my inventory fully load and the object I am missing showed up in my inventory, multiple copies of it, along with over 2,000 items more than I have on the SecondLife grid. I logged out of the beta, logged back into the regular grid and that chair is not in my inventory and my inventory amount is 2K less than what's showing on the beta grid. So this tells me the item I am missing is not really gone, it's still on the server, but why is it not showing on the regular grid and could those other 2K worth of items be the things that went missing back in January? And how do I get them back into my regular inventory? I am not a Premium member anymore and I cannot find any way to contact LL.
  4. Thanks for the reply Ohjiro, I knew about clearing the inventory cache but as of yet that hasn't worked for me. I have not recovered items that were lost back in January and I have given up hope on ever seeing them again. There has got to be a better way besides clearing cache and hoping the objects show back up.
  5. Can anyone please explain to me how items just randomly disappear from our inventories? I have had this happen more than once and I don't understand why. Yes, I do go through and delete old items and duplicates of copy items, but how do entire folders of items ( including the folder itself ) just poof? The latest disappearance just happned within the past week...we changed houses, I took back into inventory the items we had placed in the house. Yesterday when I wanted to put out a chair which I had set out in the old house, I cannot find the original folder or any copy of it. I have searched by object name, creator etc. and nothing ( not even a copy shows up in bundles that I know had a chair attatched to it, I've rezzed the bundles out ). This was a copy item and I am sure I can have it redelivered if I can remember when it was purchased, but that's not the point. If anyone can explain why this happens I would sure love to hear why.
  6. I am also having the sliding instead of walking issues, I am also using Firestorm. I don't believe it is a sim issue since it happens on different sims. I have recently installed the latest viewer version and I think it has something to do with that. People will say it's a connection problem but I have rebooted the modem a few times and it still happens, along with other issues since the new version install. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions on this, I would love to hear them.
  7. It won't matter which viewer version that is being used with Quicktime, the only 64 bit version that was having trouble media was Singularity and even that may have been fixed by now. The FS 64 bit version works just fine with Quicktime.
  8. The VEA tv's in general are having major issues and have have been for quite some time. The problems you are having may or may not be related to that. Make sure you have updated versions of Quicktime and Flash ( the Flash for other browsers ). If you are using a Mac, that may be part of the problem also. If you are in the VEA group you can TRY to ask for help, but from what I have experienced, they are less than helpful. Good luck!
  9. If you still haven't found the land owner, feel free to contact me inworld and I can try to help you. Leave me a message if I am offline, I will see your message in my email.
  10. While it's great you want to dive right into Second Life and learn as much as you can, it seems like you are moving a bit too fast. You need to slow down and take some time to research the things you want to do. As people have already said, there are lots of places to find info about SL, such as Google, YouTube. Even after being on SL for 4 years, I still use those to find info on things that I don't know. You have been here only 10 days and have more posts to this forum than I have in 4 years, while everyone here is more than willing to help you, do some research on your problem before you come here with each and every question. Also, if you do some looking, you will find inworld groups that cater to helping new to SL people, groups are usually the quickest way to get the answers you are looking for.
  11. A simple way to see who is the true owner of a parcel of land is to click on the land, go to About Land, look at the General tab and about half way down it will show Owner and Group. If the land is owned by an individual, his/her name will show next to Owner. If the land is owned by a group, the group name will show next to Owner. When a parcel is either deeded to a group or set to a group, that name will show next to Group. If your friends name isn't showing as Owner, you may want to contact that person to see what is going on, and no, I seriously doubt you will be able to stay there for free ( if you can then lucky you! ).
  12. The reason a person might set a piece of land to sell back to themselves is if the land had been purchased under a group and they no longer want it to be group owned...they just set it for sale for 0L and rebuy the land so it shows only that individual person as owner. Another reason could be because the land had been deeded to a group and they no longer want it deeded. As for the expensive land prices, a smart estate owner will set a piece of land for sale for the price of at least 1 weeks tier amount. Reason being, some land owners will set the " buy " price to a low amount, usually 40L to 100L and that amount is basically to transfer the land from the estate owners name into your name, then you have to go to another location to pay the actual tier amount. Some people who have nothing better to do than to cause problems for estates will go around and " buy " parcels of land for a tiny price with no intentions of ever paying tier on them. Setting a full sim for sale at it's actual tier price as opposed to 40L will make people think twice about causing trouble.
  13. I visited the store in question, and it seems the OP has taken up residence inside the store. Seems a bit odd to me.
  14. You are not the only person seeing this. There are 2 Knight___ Residents who keep popping up on the sim on which I live ( we live on a light-commercial sim with a well known business on the other side of the sim ). The 2 only go to the business, and yes they appear invisible when they land and only stay for a few seconds. The 2 pop in within minutes of each other, when one leaves the other one appears. I work from my home, so I am on my parcel at least 5 hours everyday and I see how many times they are in and out during that time ( seems like every 5 minutes or so ). I have also seen them on another commercial sim in the past few days, the only difference is the name after Knight, and all I have seen have been less than a week old. Of course these Knight characters are bots, but what purpose are they serving?? Seems SL is being invaded by these annoying bots!
  15. I have also been having issues for the past few day...cannot rez items, cannot derez items, getting error messages, unable to attatch or detatch clothing items, and have had items ( entire folders ) dissapear from my inventory, none of which have come back. I have been watching a certain Viewer chat group and have seen many different people ask if there is a problem with Second Life and state the problems which they are having. The only answers I have seen come from them is to go to another region, have their region restarted or to reboot their modems/routers ( stating that it may be a connection problem ). When a large amount of people are experciencing the same issues in the same period of time, I highly doubt it is a connection problem! I am not going to have someone come to restart my sim each time I try to rez an item or try to change my clothes. The problem is NOT the sim itself, the problem is in the Server. I realize problems occur in the Servers, but just one time I would like to see these so called experts admit there is a problem going on and stop blaming the sim performance or our computer systems. My opinion is LL needs to shut down the Servers, kick us all offline and fix the problem instead of just putting a bandaid on the wound. I think we can all live without SL for a few hours if it means we have a better user experience.
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