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  1. At long last were getting that spring feelin with new season of fairs and hunts at the cracky and whacky village after a long sleep it wakesup today with the first event of the season. The carts are filled with some wonderful free hunt items from very nice fashions to Silent Nights backyard chair and table set complete with decorative spring ornaments and is copy/mod so make as many as you need and paint them any color. From Tosy Xue designer for WTG jewelry is a great spring necklace and matching flowered braclet..this will be a hit and already hunters and bloggers have beenjumping the gun to the start of the fair to get these free hunt treasures...Also there are special fair sales and discounted pricing http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Old%20Europe/40/165/23
  2. 4096 Corner parcel located in Old Europe a full sim with both privacy and access to the regions many Fairs and events. Residents also have access to to all area's and includes the castle that can be used for special events..1700 weekly 1012 prims http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Old%20Europe/50/14/22
  3. Come and live at Old Europe Rental homes with private parcels Access and use of forests,parks, airstrip,village river boat tour, airplane dogfighting game ferris wheel,village square dancing and events area store rentals, four seasons theme with landscaping,and events "all the seasons call this home" http://slurl.com/secondlife/Old%20Europe/2/207/23 Join us at Old Europe and rent from a list of three beauitful homes each with it's own unique character,or live in a castle suite. Old Europe is a mature rated sim going onto it's 5th year that hosts events some of which are seasonal are often listed in the Lindens Destinations guide and various media outlets. Becoming a resident at Old Europe you will join a creative community that has a low turnover rate, with helpful supportive builders,events mangers, filmakers, assist you in pursuing your creative projects and respect for privacy. Home rentals start as low as 700L weekly. Also available are two castle suites with their own complete floors with surrounding balconies. Each castle suite comes with it's own tower and private entrances 1600L weekly contact Up4 Dawes or Rux Anatra for more info: * windmill house with fenced yard on private parcel 950L weekly 305 prims *Chalet house Village balcony view, 2nd floor window views 700L weekly 250 prims *RiverView Haus 2nd floor balcony. fireplace,private parcel 900L weekly 300 prims *Complete Castle if available 5000L weekly 1250 prims, private parcel, commercial use accepted of Castle and all castle suites if conforms to Old Europe theme and ambiance. TP to Old Europe:http://slurl.com/secondlife/Old%20Europe/2/207/23
  4. Hi I am creating this blouse i have a problem with the areas that i've circled in red.When the arms are down it enters the body. If i assign the weight to the shoulder the sleeve will enter in the blouse..if i assign more to the torso/chest it will stick the other way. I fight with this blouse more than 3 days on just the rigging part:)I;ve rigged blouse shirt tops before but this one its giving me nightmares.Any suggestion or tips?? Ty very much Rux
  5. Ty Sandbox Test regeion worked:)
  6. i was able to connect until today when got this error.
  7. iIt loks like u need to repaint the weights..some vertices are not where the suposed to be:) So after the rigging u need to do a paint weight.Thas why u have that spyky thing.:)i hate spikes:)
  8. Hi Everybody.All day today wasn't able to conect to ADITI Grid(offical viewer ) Error message''Unable to conect to simulator''. Any sugestion pls help:) Ty very much
  9. Depends...A SIM can have a Public area and private a area.For example half public and half rented. On a private area u can do what u like ....)So if u come on My sim and and than u explore and end up in my house or garden whateveru might see mypixel KITTY KAT:))) i like breedables.))))...u might like it...u might pet it:)))BUT Lets Save the Planet:)))
  10. Beauitfully situated on ocean and river at Old Europe a Private estate on full sim. Land owners enjoy village life with major events taking place at the village square full use of sim castle,forests, and access to a creative community of creators. SIZE 4096 Prims 1012 Price 1800/week http://slurl.com/secondlife/Old%20Europe/69/53/24
  11. Old Europe Winter Village http://slurl.com/secondlife/Old%20Europe/37/196/21
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