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  1. I think you're at the mercy of the Linden that responds, unfortunately. The first thing you should tell them is that you have a medical condition and your medication interferes with your cognitive function enough to make explaining that much more difficult for you. As far as what happened, it sounds to me like they're going back and forth (certainly shouting is not enough to be banned over I mean, at least no rational person would ban someone for that) so without a proper investigation which won't happen in this case, they will never figure out what is really going on because they don't have time enough to care. This is the scary part about being in Second Life, especially when you've spent so much time here and happened to have made some enemies in the process (something that I don't believe is very difficult here in my experience) you could lose it all without notice on a whim and that's that and no one cares have a good life the end! Not sure if my rant here is helping but... persistence is about all you have, which isn't a lot but at least it's something, until they decide to block your ability to make appeals and leave tickets (apparently this could happen) so, persist and get back on the phone if you feel Second Life is that important otherwise, there are many suitable alternatives for most people, unless you're a developer, so while they figure out what to do with you, you can at least join another community and start something new.
  2. Just asked a question about sexual activities in Linden Homes but I wanted clarification on visual nudity and sexual content because you cannot hide those from camming. According to this post, it might not be so straight-forward? http://community.secondlife.com/t5/General-Discussion-Forum/New-Mature-policy/td-p/1451639
  3. Can you have Adult content in Linden Homes? Sex Beds? Photos?
  4. Just curious about when and where these meetings are and what Linden is responsible.
  5. Complaining won't do anything so just accept the changes and move forward until they ban Phoenix or make it so inoperable that it's really not worth using, which is likely the desired intention and you really can't blame them, it's their show afterall, not yours.
  6. I think you like him and you're jealous and that's why you want to say something. P.S. I'm always right.
  7. Hi. Let's be friends. Can I borrow $40000? Great thanks! I think this is the start of a beautiful friendship!
  8. I'm pretty sure that's a new feature. If you enable avatar physics you're in for a real treat!
  9. You want to play with housewives and bdsm masters?
  10. I have a feeling this won't matter at all. According to GridSurvey statistics, Second Life has been losing roughly 170 private estates per week for the past two weeks and only time will tell if this is a sign of what's to come. Prices have to drop and soon or there won't be a whole lot of sim purchasing.
  11. You're absolutely right although I never knew it was a texture doing it. I've been reporting these (they are often difficult to report because they slow everything down to a crawl and your videocard heats up fast and usually the driver itself fails) to no avail so, I just outright stopped. It seems second life is being destroyed from the inside out as people go around from welcome area to welcome area and no one can stop it or it would have been stopped. It's too bad this community has changed so much, it really makes everything extra difficult for those who are still using this platform legitimately for business and socializing and whatnot. I hope Lindens are on the case; I'm sure something can be done?
  12. When you can't go anywhere without being attacked, you have a problem. When you file an abuse report and nothing happens, you have another problem. Unfortunately, this seems to be an all to common occurrence in second life and if you're not seeing it, it's only because you live a relatively reclusive virual life. Just visit a sandbox or a welcome area once in awhile or turn on voice chat at violet or korea and you'll witness the kind of people I'm talking about. Just today for example, someone wearing a p*nis suit was particle spamming at bear and in almost every sandbox on sandbox island there were those sculpties that crash your viewer everywhere and those can actually damage your videocard; I watched my card temperature go through the roof. I've been in this game forever it seems and I know there has to be far more abusive personality types within second life than any other online community and I just wonder how much is Linden Lab's doing for their apparent lack of involvement. Without going into detail, right now I'm very frustrated at the way Linden Lab handles cases of harassment and I thought I had at least another year left here; I'm really not so sure now so, back to the poster, I completely agree and I really don't know what happened because second life used to be filled with exceptional people but, sometime starting in 2008, everything started going downhill in a very big way.
  13. This might be a good or a bad thing, if they've changed nothing, it means there's less activity on the Marketplace which is good for the average person, but bad for the virtual economy in general.
  14. This game is loaded wtih corruption and my impression is that Linden Lab has absolutely no control. It truly gives you insight into just how dirty and wild most humans are, especially from other countries.
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