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  1. Thank you Nika and i abondon a Houseboat a week ago, cause wanted a Traditional House.
  2. Oh wow, just catched a House at Oldrige. Next to the Bridge and in side the Water. It didn't show up first btw.. Belleseria was down under on the sections.
  3. i just saw 2 traditional homes now but when i want to take it and click next, it's says there is some problem to delievery it to me.. How we can fix this?
  4. https://gyazo.com/72670c69d50cb084b5375dfd775fef40 haha way too funny
  5. haha, yes it's soon enough Patch Linden gave a update ;- )) " While I'd love to give more notice than this, it is looking like we will have another batch of Houseboats ready for release within the next 24 hours. "
  6. YAY, OMG when they will come? i can't wait anymore ;- ))
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