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  1. Still not working. I tried all the advice But I just noticed this error in the corner?
  2. Help! Eyes went cross and I cant seem to fix it. Move the prims and it looks fixed but gets worse. I cant take photos, and I just plain look derpy >_< Its irritaing. I grab and try to adjust them but once I exit build they go wonky again. Ive been adujsting for hours and nothing. IDFK what to do. They were fine for the past two weeks since I got them and now they are wonky. I am wearing a mesh head but it had not affected them in the past two weeks and they are from the same place so I dont see conflict. Lots of others using and taking photos just fine. Idk what I fuk'd up but I needs halp! D: EDIT: Okay I took off the prim eyes and went into Edit mode and my actual avatar eyes are crossed too??
  3. I am looking for a way to figure out the one I liked best. Which was Marvelous to Blender, Fix the mesh, fit it and then export as Dae and then into SL. Obviously everything in between, but that is my simplified example. Just so you can understand what I am getting at lol
  4. Hello, So Ive decided to ask for help...after days of trying to hard on my own with just the programs and video tutorials ive got a headache and reflux from the stress. I REALLY want to start learning to create mesh outfits on my own instead of purchasing mesh bases and basically just coloring them. I found the easiest way for me is to design in Mavelous Designer, Fix up in Maya and then (Supposedly) Fit the mesh in Blender. But after all the time, blood sweat and tears. Failures and more failures. I finally have a shirt....So I take it into Blender and start following video instructions. (About 3 videos I watched showed the EXACT method) At the end their mesh would move with the avatar loaded....mine...did not. I create in Marvelous> Export as OBJ> Import to Blender> (Fit mesh)> Export as Dae> SL or create in Marvelous> Export as OBJ> Import to Mudbox> Export obj> import to Blender (Fit mesh)> Export as Dae> SL I have no idea what to do anymore. Idk where i got turned ina circle but its making me sad :( Tutorials show Marvelous, Edit in Mudbox and then some how dae? but dont show how they fit mesh. Then the ones that show Marvelous then Blender fit meshing but dont show how they got it to dae and of course there is the problem of my mesh not fitting in Blender to even finish getting to SL to test :( Bottom line. I need some clear and helpful answers to this mess all over the internet lol Pleaseeeee <3
  5. Hi there ^^ I have been learning a bit from your posts (as I run into them mostly) I cannot for the life of me find anyone activly helping the mesh creator community in sl. which is weird Thanks for what posts you do have lol Athena
  6. You look for the Landmarks, Blogs and so on. Message the owners personally they will most likely know how to apply to future events If you have a store I would go to SLHUNTS for applications to all the hunts ^^ I personally have a kawaii hunt happening here soon on those websites
  7. I recently did a transaction to put my USD from SL on to my paypal account, I see the transaction in my SL history and that I now have $0.00. But its not showing it "Processing" on this end or on my paypal. Im just worried since I cant see where my money is. Has anyone else done this? how long does it normally take to transfer to my account? when should I worry?
  8. I bought around 7k L$ and used only a bit of it. there is 4k on it that I am just not going to be needing on sl, Is there anyway to reverse it back to my paypal or bank account? i know you can exchange it for usd, but ive only herd that it gets stuck on your sl account in the USD spot for payments, which I do not need as I dont make premium payments. Please help?
  9. There is Lolas TANGOS everywhere...but I cannot find anything that states it works with Pushups from lolas... PLEASE I just spent nearly 2k on these and I dont want them to go to waste :(
  10. Just got lolas tangos. and i have a shirt/outfit with "appliers" I have the hud thing that says "click to apply" Im wearing the tangos and the shirt but nothing is happening...and I AM in a script enabled area. what am i doing wrong. I certainly dont think boobs sticking out over my shirt is right please help EDITED: Where do i find clothes that works with PUSH UPS then?! Lolas Push ups need to have clothes compatible to right? what do i search to find them? I did not just buy these for nearly 2k to not have any clothes even work with them. PLEASE help me
  11. I went to edit my shape and got stuck in the ground. Ive tried relogging and cache and its not working :( I saw another post about this but no one answered my question of how to fix this issue after you're thrown into the ground >_< Please help?
  12. How do you fix it? ._. Im stuck after editing my shape...and Ive tried almost everything i can think of
  13. Not even sure where to list this D: its never happened before, I tried to mess with my photosettings and it happened, all the sudden when I click in world or enter to re align back with my avi it just pans around like the cameras drunk, spinning ever so slowly and randomly going way away from me, everywhere BUT where I want it to go, as well whenever I try to pan around or zoom back it starts again and just doesnt stop. Im a creator I cant get anything done like this D: Please help!! Ive tried everything from resetting defaults to clearing cache and I just dont know what to do!
  14. Ive seen it done in tutorials on mesh making but none acctually tell you and the videos are to small to just see what it is. I know you can make a shirt or whatever MD and then put it into blender to fix it up then make it into a file to send into sl...but I dont know what they are. guess the main question is, what do you save your MD file as to bring to blender then what do you save your blender file to bring into sl?
  15. New to mesh and need a little help. So first; whats the best simplest mesh creator/software. i had a good one once but lost it 2nd; how do you make it loadable to sl? 3rd; how do you create it? with a sculpt? special build? what? any other random facts and info about mesh building is WELCOMED! lol
  16. Sounds like a slow internet connection. mine does that but not all that much. when it does get stuck like that it sucks but a good character reset works for awhile. also make sure your settings for enviornment & graphics ect are all the way down for a slow connection.
  17. My game did that a few months back. I uninstalled my game, restarted the computer and reinstalled and it worked! if it says you already have the right driver then that is the only thing I could think of is the game installed wrong or the computer just needs a restart
  18. You need to buy a hug/kiss HUD you can find some decent ones on the mp.
  19. Ive been thinking the same thing. Im not sure about the new viewer but the one i use has IM options in pref.
  20. Not sure how to explain and cant find an example on here but im trying to figure out how people make their pictures with shadows. Was told its a windlight setting. Its popular and has a sunny look to it and defined shadows that make it look realistic and neat
  21. Just got Firestorm how do I Play music, Ive tried everything on my land. many different urls, and checked everywhere in pref to figure out why nothing plays or why it wont let me. i hit the music symbol and it gives me pause then goes back to the music symbol. nothing wants to play anywhere. please help Edit: Ive run music on my lands before I know how to set it up ect. this is more a how do i fix it question. I do not understand why it just wont play any music on any land i go to
  22. I unchecked the send Offline msgs to email that didnt work. I sent to spam they wont stop X_X ve tried Unchecking sending IM to email ect. and ive been getting noticees emailed to me from groups im not even in anymore O:<<<<
  23. whats the twitter adress? the secondlife one i found said that but it was posted april. and i cant find any for today
  24. Same here I cant figure out whats going on. I JUST now was able to sign back into the website! and yes if your logged in and avi will stay on but as soon as you log off you cant log back in for some reason says log ins have been disabled D:
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