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  1. Well it appears I've asked about something that happens to others as well. Cindy, I think you're on to something there. I've noticed I'm not getting the group notices from larger groups. I've even gone back now and checked several of them with your thought in mind, and sure enough I do get group notices from smaller groups more routinely than large ones (rarely, if ever). Sounds like something I'll just have to live with. Reason I asked in the first place is because a new group I just joined sends out a deal almost daily, but at random times. I have not gotten one of their group
  2. Thanks for replying Rolig! I have gone into the Groups that I want to be sure and get "Group Notices" from, assuming that I would get an email if I was offline. I've now noticed though that for SOME groups, even if I have the checkbox ticked for "Receive Group Notices", I do NOT get them - Not in-game, and not via email if I'm offline. Is that a setting by the group itself not to send out group notices to certain members? I'm just at a loss as to why I get group notices from some groups, but not others. I really hope someone can explain this to me. Thanks...
  3. I would like to get all Group Notices sent to me via email when I'm offline. In "Preferences > Chat" I have the box checked for "Email me IMs when I'm offline. In the Group Profile, I have the box checked for "Receive group notices". The problem is, I only get Group Notices emailed to me when I'm offline for SOME groups, not all. A few of the ones that I really want to get offline notices for, I do not get. Can anyone explain to me why I don't get all group notices emailed to me, and how I can turn it on for groups that I'm not getting emails from when I'm offline?
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