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  1. Sorry for the small picture and thanks! It was an eyeliner that was the problem. I did not pay attention to ones that were for exo x and ones that were not. Now I know to be more careful! Thanks again!
  2. I got a new mesh head, Evo X head. I am using the Lara body. Love BOM, don't know why I waited so long to try it! The only problem is that I see some kind of yellow under my chin and on the top of my head also. Not sure why but changing the size of the head does not seem to make it go away. I will post a photo! If anyone knows what this is, I would love to get rid of it!
  3. I am just glad to know what is happening! I thought it was something on my end!
  4. Decided to switch from my camper. I was lucky enough to get a Victorian. Had so much fun decorating. The furniture is a mix of Muniick, Ex Machina and estatica.
  5. I stepped outside my home and right in the distance I saw this!
  6. I am so loving these! When I first came to SL there was a region themed to be a trailer park. I wish I could remember the name. It would have been around 2007 or 08. It was a "trailer trash" kind of theme. I wanted to live there but it was so popular I never did. This new themed area seems like it will be lovely and tranquil. I love the sizes of the trailers but my avi is on the shorter side. I hope it is not to far away from release!
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