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  1. I believe the warnings about not rezzing no copy items only apply to the actual day of the rolling restart, and those are generally done fairly early. The reason for that warning, is that sometime before the region is updated, a full copy is made that includes all items rezzed at that point in time. When the region is restarted, which could be sometime later, it is that copy that is restored, so any no copy item that was rezzed after the copy, would be lost.
  2. We are a well established (since 2009) LGBTQ owned estate, with less than 12 parcels on our single region. Very low one-time parcel purchase prices, and very reasonable rental rates. Both the region owner and an almost full-time estate manager are inworld most of every day, all year long, to help with any issues. We tend to have loyal, long-term residents, and have had literally no major dramas in my memory. Our hope is to keep everyone satisfied, and to quickly resolve any minor misunderstandings. Here is what we have open right now: Sunset $L725 per week for 712 prims (LI). One-time purchase $L425 West central Sim Edge, 2336 sqm This is a very nice sunset location on the western edge of the Sim, with open ocean on the west side, and a river on the north side. Creekside $L350 per week for 351 prims (LI). One-time purchase $L250 West central location, 1152 sqm, this is a cozy smaller parcel on the edge of a creek. Perfect spot for a small quiet home. Riverside West $L800 per week for 776 prims (LI). One-time purchase $L425 Nice parcel on the south edge of the Sim, nestled between two well-established long-term Cabria residents. Existing buildings may be returned if you wish. NOTE: Creekside and Sunset can be combined into one rental, if they are both still available, for a total of about 1063 prims (LI), at a price of $L950 per week. The Rental office is located here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cabria Village/91/105/22 This is a good place to check for any changes in what is available. Please do be sure to read the Estate Covenant before purchasing a parcel, And also to pay your first two weeks rental at the nearby rental flag. Contact Owner: Myles Capalini Estate Manager: Edward Ballinger SPECIAL OFFER Through September 2018: Mention that you found us through this post, and you will receive one additional week paid rent after paying your first two weeks.
  3. Thanks KT, I had not thought of that alternative, and I see how it might work. I should probably just quit wondering about this, since I doubt there is any positive way of knowing exactly how or why people are doing this, and it does not seem to be happening very often anyway.
  4. According to the SL Wiki, the maximum height for a TP SLURL is 4096. It also says that this used to be higher, but 'modern viewers' enforce the limit. I own a private region, not adjacent to any other regions, so to get there one must either have a landmark, or use the world map, which would normally bring you to 128,128,0. Now, I know that the Y value can be overridden, but when I tested by setting the Y value to 7000, when I teleported I ended up at 128,128,4096, as I expected. However, I occasionally see avatars arriving at much higher locations, this morning one appeared at 6900m, and when I IM'd to ask if I could help, she immediately poofed out. Am I safe in assuming that anyone coming in at that height is 1) using a 'non-compliant' viewer and 2) probably up to some mischief? I am not looking for 'solutions' to this, such as using security orbs, more interested in how folks manage this, and whether doing so is something that might warrant an abuse report for using a viewer that does not enforce the height limit? Thanks for any input on this 'mystery'.
  5. Update April 24th, Riverside East has been sold, One down, only three remaining.
  6. Update April 22nd, Tier price for all open parcels reduced by 10%! Limited time offer, through May 15th. If you are looking for nice quiet land, this would be a good time to check us out.
  7. Cabria Village Estate, our Second Life and yours if you wish We have a number of premium private parcels with great neighbors, on one full region, with very reasonable rental rates. Owned by Myles Capalini, this small estate is all about Community. We have rental spaces, but more important, we have fun together. We proudly cater to the LGBT community in SL, but welcome anyone who is accepting of our lifestyle. For more information, just head on over to the rental office (LM is below) and start exploring. Who knows, you may find a new best friend or a new home. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cabria Village/91/104/22 The owner and estate manager are inworld almost every day, so we are here when needed, at least within 24 hours. The region has just 11 separate parcels, and most are filled with long-term, nice people. We have no clubs or high volume retail operations, so you should never experience any pesky Server lag here. We currently have four open parcels: SUNSET WEST: West central Sim Edge, this is a very nice L-shaped sunset location on the western edge of the Sim, with open ocean on the west side and a small pond on the East. This parcel is 3488 sqm and 1064 prims. Weekly tier is $L1035. RIVERSIDE WEST: This is a nice location on the south edge of the Sim, with open ocean on the South side and a river on the East side of the parcel. This parcel is 2464 sqm and 751 prims. Weekly Tier is $L700. RIVERSIDE EAST: Nice smaller parcel on the south central Sim edge, with open ocean on the South side and a river on the West side of the parcel. This parcel is 2240 sqm and 683 prims. Weekly tier is $L630. VILLAGE CENTER: This is a cozy little parcel almost in the center of the Sim, with 1472 sqm, and 449 prims.. with a river on the south side and small hill on the east. Weekly tier is $L450. The photo shows an example of the two Riverside parcels, as they looked with the previous residents. They are vacant now, but you can see from the photo how nice they can be.
  8. Cabria Village is a single region estate, proudly Gay owned, but happy to welcome anyone as a resident who will join us without judging our lifestyle. The parcels are reasonably priced, and we will do whatever we can to help you get set up, and to assist with any region issues. Owner occupied, and there is also an on-site region manager, so we are usually very quick to respond to any questions. We currently have four available parcels, of different sizes, as follows: South Shore, 549 prims, 2400 sqm, $L850 per week Riverside, 1278 prims, 5484 sqm , $L1650 per week Southwest, 1127 prims, 4928 sqm, $L1550 per week Sunset, 1036 prims, 4258 sqm, $L1400 per week Contact Myles Capalini, or Edward Ballinger inworld, or visit us at the rental office, here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cabria%20Village/94/106/22
  9. In beautiful Cabria Landing, we have two somewhat rare parcels available NOW. You may want one or both. Lighthouse Cove: Snug little corner of Cabria Landing. Plenty of room here for a cozy getaway spot. On the NW corner of the sim. 6400 sqm, 366 prims. Purchase price includes the first 2 weeks Tier @ $L800 per week. Located here ----> Cabria Landing Lighthouse Cove Pukalani: The Southwest quarter. Named for the high desert country near Haleakula on the beautiful island of Maui. Pineapples, Cowboys, Rodeos, Oh My! 19,088 sqm and 1092 prims. Purchase price includes the first 2 weeks Tier @ $L2200 per week. Located here ----> Cabria Landing Pukalani These will not last long at this price, so check us out now! Please direct any questions to Myles Capalini inworld, or mcapalini@seattlemyles.com
  10. Cabria Landing EstateThis is an LGBT-Friendly estate, with a total of 5 regions, four of them are strictly for residential use. We recently added a new Homestead (Cabria Landing) and a new Openspace (Cabria Bay), which connect the two regions Cabria Shores and Cabria Lagoon. The Cabria Landing homestead region has been professionally terraformed and landscaped, with an absolutely beautiful waterfall in the center, visible from all corners of the region. Three quarters have been parceled and are available for Sale/Rental. These parcels are each around 15,000 sqm, and 900 prims, give or take a few. The parcel names, and general feel of the region are intended to evoke the wonderful feel of the island of Maui. Approximately a quarter of the region has been retained for estate use, landscaping, and the very light traffic for our estate rental office. Cabria is mostly a tropical beach themed estate, and we DO have a Covenant that we expect you to read, and ask about if you have any questions. Our prices are reasonable, and our Customer Service is Outstanding. Cabria Bay, just to the North of Cabria Landing, is an Openspace region, mostly open water, available to all residents and their friends for boating, swimming, or just relaxing. (Sorry, all three of these parcels have been taken, but we do still have two smaller parcels available next door, on Cabria Lagoon, a full region.) North Beach. This is a great 4096 sqm parcel on the north side of the Sim, with water on three sides. 937 prims, but if more are needed, there is also a smaller parcel at South Shore. Rent both and combine the prims.. Purchase price includes 2 weeks Tier, at $1850. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cabria%20Lagoon/202/190/22 South Shore. This Parcel wraps around the Southeast corner of Cabria Lagoon, with water on two sides and a small mountain behind and to the west. 3088 sqm, with 706 Prims. Purchase price includes first 2 weeks Tier at $L1400. If it is still open, and you need more prims, take a look at North Beach, which is larger and has 937 prims. Rent them both for a total of 1643 prims. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cabria%20Lagoon/212/27/23 OR, Visit the rental office to see if anything else has opened up since this post: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cabria%20Landing/63/223/22 Contact Myles Capalini, Rylan SIrnah, Nikolai Warden or Lucretia Brandenburg inworld, or mcapalini@seattlemyles.com if you have questions.
  11. Hello Voodoo, I have a 1/4 full sim available for rent, at $L5500 per week. There are two businesses on the other 3/4 of the Sim, but all in all, traffic there is pretty light, so you should not have any performance issues unless your community attracted a ton of folks all at once. I am guessing you would be better off building your city on a platform, since what is on the ground now is anything but 'city'. You can see the parcel here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cabrian%20Dreams/136/117/23 and can contact either myself, or Nikolai Warden or Lucretia Brandenburg inworld if you have questions. My IM's do come to my e-mail. I will also send you an IM inworld.
  12. Region name: Cabria Landing This Region has been Sold Asking price: $480 $470 I pay transfer fee Tier Date: 10th Region will be empty before transfer. Region must be moved and renamed. Estate Manager rights granted on completion of transfer tickets. Contact: Myles Capalini
  13. "So, the lower numbers have absolutely nothing to do with server deploys or grid conditions." I am not so sure Darien. Yesterday's rollout of the main grid took nearly 12 hours, and for many regions there were multiple rollouts and untold losses. I am a smallish real estate guy, with 4 full and one homestead regions, which I (try to) rent at something approaching break-even. Yesterday, at least one of my regions must not have restarted correctly, and so was rolled back to an earlier saved copy, resulting in the loss of a rental payment, which I will have to cover as closely as I can manage. The best I can get from support is "we warn people not to make L$ payments during rollouts". When was the last time you actually saw that warning, unless you look at Grid Status every day? So all I am saying is that between lower occupancy, and this sort of ongoing problem, I could easily decide to just sell or abandon all but one of my sims, offering the land to a much smaller group of close friends where I could monitor their Tier payments easily. Hard to say where the other 20 or so residents might go, assuming they decide to stay inworld.
  14. Well gosh John, thanks for the good wishes, I realize Homesteads have a limited market, but I always expect the best, so maybe just the right person will see this and jump at it.:matte-motes-sunglasses-1:
  15. Homestead sim For $ale - 3750 prims Tier date - 13th Sim Name Cabria Sunrise Sim must be renamed and moved. This Sim is grandfathered at $95 US per month, but Tier for a new owner will be $125. And of course, you must own a full sim to buy this one. If you cannot afford to buy, but would like to rent a full HS sim , I could consider that, for right around $110 USD per month. In this case, you would need to respect the estate Covenant, but would have pretty much all land and estate manager rights. Full estate rights granted as soon as tickets are completed. (Price reduced) $170 USD - I pay transfer fee contact Myles Capalini inworld, or via email @ mcapalini@comcast.net This Sim has been SOLD, thanks for looking though :matte-motes-agape:
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