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  1. 6 hours ago, Storm Clarence said:

    Extra kudos for incorporating your avatar name (but not needed).

    A 5-7-7-5, because French syllables are hard! 

    aujourd'hui appris
    des fauves meurent maintenant
    sous la pluie de printemps
    tout le monde le sait


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  2. 9 minutes ago, Marigold Devin said:

    Depends what you're snacking on. That looks pretty nice, apart from the - is it a dill pickle or a gherkin? That might give me a bit of indigestion to keep me up all night. 

    My late night snack of choice is usually anything from a spoonful of peanut butter to a bowl of breakfast cereal.

    It is a sweet gherkin ;) . There is a wives tale that dill pickles before bed cause nightmares, not sure where it is from but my grandmother believed it, haha! I’m ok if I go to sleep before about 11pm but after and I nearly always want a snack!

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  3. Today I have the whole beef loin to take apart. I’ve done plenty of pork loins but never a beef.  $1.88/pound vs $11.99/pound though!

    I think I’ll do filets, I’m not feeling confident enough to attempt a chateaubriand. Also, no veal stock or base for that sauce. (And yes, I’m making excuses because I’m just too chicken to wreck it!)

    so...filets with roasted asparagus and blender béarnaise it is! I’ll freeze 2 and defrost next weekend to see how they defrost as well, a test to see if this freezer is at all kind to beef, a friend wants to partner with us to order a side of beef but I’m not sure this old top freezer is up to the task of keeping it well. Sam’s almost always has choice grade angus that tastes good so that will be hard to beat without a chest freezer and significantly better beef. 

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  4. Tonight, spice-rubbed roasted pork loin with cherry sauce, smashed taters, carrot/apple slaw. Hello Fresh comes through when fresh meat (besides cuts of $$$ choice angus beef) is scarce just now. It will get better very soon, there’s just a lag between people buying out the shops and new things coming in, I’m guessing.

    I also made a plate of deviled eggs. I usually start making them in the spring so it’s good to keep routine. My SO is still working remotely here at home but otherwise my cooking routine isn’t that different. We both like home cooking best and I really do enjoy cooking. I also have a new Easter tea blend with flower petals in it.

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  5. 2 cups of Epsom salts and a few drops of lavender oil in a tub...stress-melting. 🌊 

    I am only having one cup of coffee in the morning then switching to chai made with mostly chicory and spices, adding just a bit of black tea. My moods are still quite up and down though. I’m not really very good company at all. 

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  6. Getting outside a bit, also continuing the spring cleaning...washing up some small china pieces after bringing them out to use. 
    Taking comfort in everyday routine as well. I’m taking melatonin and sleeping better. So my outlook is more balanced now. 


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