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  1. I do! SL to me has always been about innovation and creativity. Community. We're humans, and sometimes we work together well, and.sometimes we must agree to disagree. Namecalling and bullying have no place. Using alts to bolster a.view never works. Discourse is our only option. I've seen places and things in SL using Ann's vehicles. That's a fact. Either innovation works or it doesn't. Create innovate or die. Are there better systems than Ann's that improve the experience?
  2. Nice try, Drake. Sorry, but here and everywhere in SL, I speak for myself. Try it sometime.
  3. Love them and you, Ann. Don't let the sockpuppets bring you down. I'd rather have them, and you, than not. Cheers, Andi
  4. We all have our bad times with SL, we adapt, we sigh, we move on. Echoes of other voices here: TPVs are yet another expression of who we are in SL. I'll im you cookies
  5. Wow, great Av, John, I'm going to check that out myself!
  6. Fixing "problems" that aren't really problems.... It's everyone's SL. And "competition" doesn't exist. Audience and reaction. We either stand together or grow lonely on our private walled islands. Personally, I've had more fun, and see more creativity, with the griefers and builders of SL than in any other place on the 'net.
  7. Search for "Tuty" on the Marketplace, you might like what they have. Old avatars are a.rarity, imo, but it's always fun to see something different in SL. Good luck!
  8. Animals I currently "am" : shark, dolphin, wolf, gorilla, dragon... Among the robots, aliens, and everything else "you" can be in SL. Wait, I'm also 2 horses... Yeah, SL can be like that.
  9. Shocking the first time it happens, my condolences. My first was the first place I ever saw, back in the days when you laughed at people owning... virtual property! Down past a ravine in a Japanese themed aim... Some builders dreamhouse... Across from the dreamhouse he lived in... It became party central, a haven for all sorts of SL friends. Parties around the pool out back and live music. On the day it became a blank grassy SL field, abandoned, the shock hit us all. Tons of people tp'd in, were sad, stayed to party a bit in the open field, then we drifted off. In more ways than one. But it's SL, my friend. Keep the party going in other places.
  10. 1/ Oiks. 2/ play fair.and.play safe. 3/ break #2 and find out how fast LL #1's all your accounts.
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