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  1. There was a big stink years ago because people didn't like that Bloodlines had an external database with the usernames of everyone who'd interacted with the game. Even if that interaction was just being bitten. They gave us a way to opt out of the game entirely (garlic necklace) later, but a lot of people really still hate it. Plus, the bite requests were annoying and used to happen everywhere you went. That's where the anti-vampire warning signs come from lol. It just has a bad reputation and lots of folks still don't want it on their land. I think the newer vampire systems get kind of lum
  2. I've seen people do it for their OCs, but not in SL. I'd do it if I had friends who did! But I think without that social component I'd just lose interest. Like I did with my tumblr. All you'd need is an android emulator like MEmu so you could post from your desktop.
  3. I never open the chat list unless I'm looking for a mod. I can promise you it does lol. Everything blurs in and out and doesn't get better until I restart or close the big group. I'd rather just restart though.
  4. None of the functions work in a huge group -and- it eats texture memory like whoa because of everyone's profile pics. Whether you see them or not.
  5. I've always loved the idea of buying L and "time cards" in stores. Dare to dream! ♥
  6. I love that that person made a whole new account to lecture people from. Because other people are "really extra". Mm.
  7. I wonder how many people would turn down a few thousand dollars more a year though.
  8. For me, the price change doesn't affect whether or not I'll get premium. I already couldn't afford it. But losing that many groups is gonna take me off the platform completely for a lot of things. Which means a little juggling and less time on sl. More engagement with Flickr, Discord, etc to be able to keep up. Losing some of these old groups is gonna be sad too. I'm just bummed about it.
  9. Will there be anything in place to make the loss of all those slots easier for us? It's a big loss socially, commercially, etc...
  10. I'm disgusted that they're lowering the number of groups free accs can be in. SL is old. We need more group space not less. We pay to join a lot of them and many have sentimental value or serve a purpose like for renters or events. What are we supposed to do?
  11. Yup! There's a freebie to get you started in that too if you're interested in it ♥ The person that makes xeolife is really generous.
  12. Ooo that looks nice! I'll have to check them out ♥ A recommendation from a fellow tree!
  13. I know it isn't one you've asked about, but have you tried XeoLife? It's a free one and you get scripts you can put in food, beds, toys, etc that you already own to use with the system. You can get a certain amount of scripts for free at the mainstore and then can buy extras (or already compatible items) cheaply. It might be a good one to try at first to see if you like having those resources to watch; see if it adds to your RP in a positive way and all. I'm not in a family or anything, but still enjoy it.
  14. I'd love an urban fantasy sim, but medieval is fine too as long as it's based on material I can read offline. I've had trouble finding one I could really settle into and I think that's part of my problem; it's easier to relate to an urban setting. I gotta look things up for anything else. Which is great, it's fun to learn, but it's not as easy as what I need in my life right now. Plus, a lot of medieval fantasy seems to be this person or that person's take on already established properties where it's just different enough that I have to read their stuff rather than go by what's already in prin
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