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  1. Thank you - and great job on your Avatar. Definitely the kind of realistic more mature style I am looking to go for.
  2. That sounds a good idea. Do you have a link to 'Izzies' or is that a store on marketplace?
  3. Hello all. I have recently joined Second Life. Loving it. I've learned the basics. And now properly starting to work on customising my Avatar. But being the 'wrong side of 40', I am really finding it hard to find any skins that reflect my age group. I am feeling a little bit fake/disengenous wearing a skin that looks more like a 20/30 year old. So does anyone know any creators or stores that provide good quality 'older female' skins. Preferably BOM. I'm not looking to be a caricature (I’ve seen some of the 'jokey' skins, that are more like offensive 'old person stereotypes' . And I am not looking to become 'granny grotbags' either.) But just trying to find a nice skin that properly reflects my age. Still attractive, realistic, etc. And good quality (like the quality you find at Not Found, Session, and Mila.) If you have any suggestions, please let me know in your reply to this post. Thanks in advance Hazel
  4. Thanks for coming back with reply so quickly. And yes, I'll try that. So to clarify. I'll make a note of all the numbers for my body in the 'Edit Appearance'. then add the Not Found Skin, and then change back the numbers for the body to what I had noted? (and then save that shape as a personal version?).
  5. Hello all. I am newish, and my first post, and so please excuse my 'noobness' if this is a ridiculously simple question? But I am just starting to build my own Avatar, having been wearing the default 'Bitsy' for a months while I get to grips with the very basics of SL. Anyway - I am trying the KUPRA body, and the Skinny Shape that it comes with (and the Toffee Body Skin option). I am using a GENUS Free head for now (with BOM turned on and my alphas deleted). And I have today been browsing the NOT FOUND stored for skins for GENUS. And with each Not Found Demo is a BOM Skin (which I can add no problem), A Not Found Brow (again I can add no Problem) and a Not Found shape for that particular skin. But when I wear that shape, it gives my face the exact same look as the DEMO advert picture (which is what I want) , but it also then changes my KUPRA Body Shape to something looking ridiculous. I then tried adding the KUPRA body shape back, and that returns my body shape to normal/what it was before, but then the face shape no longer looks like it does in the NOT FOUND DEMO. Am I doing something wrong? How can you wear a SKIN shape for a face/head, but not have it at the same time alter your BODY shape? Or is this just not possible? And it is either one or the other? And if you are buying a head skin (from somewhere like Not Found) why do they have it alter your body shape anyway? If anyone can help with my frustration, that would be very kind of you? Thanks in advance.
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