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  1. Prime Beachfront Parcels available! Flat, terraformable land with three different LI capacities. Unobstructed ocean views, AND correct water flow at the edge of the world map. Right next to SL Roads! THAT MEAN NOTHING IN YOUR VIEW BUT SAND, WATER AND SKY! Residential or Commercial Use! Contact MarkBWalker Resident for details or questions. Or post questions here.
  2. I appreciate the responses. My coding is in Python and SQL. I don't know LSL coding, but I'm eager to learn. When writing Python, you need A, B, C to work for D to work But, for LSL, does it have to be written in order to proceed? Or can I write A, C, and then B, and these sections will still work? I'm currently looking over the links Fenix provided.
  3. I'm a student in coding, and I have a goal in mind. I'd like to create a RP HUD system, but here is my goal. I'd like to put out food items, water items, and healing items throughout a region. Then, a player can click those items to consume them, and they disappear. Only to reappear again five minutes later. Or, there is a lockout timer so they can't be clicked again for five minutes. And while doing this, the player wears a HUD that has buttons for FOOD, WATER, and HEALTH to display meters that express how full each title is. Clicking the item is consumed and refills the HUD's levels. How can this script be written? PS. Since I am a student in coding, any scripts taught or provided will be studied and duplicated for additional practice.
  4. Land has been sold. Please delete post.
  5. Land has been sold, please delete post.
  6. AN ENTIRE REGION NEEDS TO GO! LUDICRIOUS PRICE! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Myriaps/127/136/116 MYRIAPS must go! Serious, an entire region! All 65,536m2 for only L$45,000! And all the prims you need in the region! All for you! That’s it! L$45,000! That is only L$0.7/m2! Come get it! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Myriaps/127/136/116
  7. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kenilworth/126/128/61 MUST GO! For Sale, 55296sqm, that's almost a whole region, A whopping 18984 Prims, to build as you wish! Quiet area, as the neighbors don't build too much, and aren't active! Was selling for L$4 per m2, but dropped down to now L$1.5 per m2. Only L$83220! Come see, and come buy! If buying, go to About Land -> General tab and click on the BUY button http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kenilworth/126/128/61 Ask me questions, at markbwalker
  8. Visit To Rent: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kenilworth/129/129/61 We're introducing a flat Lot for Rent at an astonishing 54000 meters squared! Here's what's currently available on your own private and cozy 54,000m2 area: Each site features: -FREEDOM With your control, allows you to add/ban guests and build whatever you wish! -AFFORDABLE Rental Box provided in the middle of the lot. L$13,000 a week for 18,600 prims. That's more prims than Lindens! -COMPLETE privacy in a very relaxing and serene setting. -CUSTOMIZABLE as you get to set up the land however you like! Your home! Your life! And yes, we can move around the rental boxes so they don't get in the way! Need more privacy? The sky is your limit. For any questions, please contact Mark at markbwalker via Chat or Notecard!
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