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  1. I used to have that problem a few years ago. Every time I updated my Firestorm viewer (I'm using Firefox too), I couldn't get a LM through the website anymore. Then somebody (probably in Firestorm support group) suggested the following: - Download the official LL viewer, if you don't already have it on your PC. - Open it, so it is able to automatically update to the latest version. It is not necessary to log in! - Once it is updated, close the LL viewer again and then use Firestorm or update the Firestorm viewer. Ever since I am doing that I never again had that problem. Even the dreaded EEP update worked fine so far. It doesn't make any sense to me and don't ask for a tech explanation. But it works for me and that is all I need. 😄
  2. That piece of info was meant to save you a tp back to the store and also for those people like me who hate arriving in a full store with avatar bits and pieces flying around for quite a while and vendors taking ages to rez. 😊 Also in groups with a ton of notices every day I usually have them switched off to check them manually, but keep forgetting to check it and this way miss info sometimes. Sorry for the confusion!😳
  3. somewhere in Spain? Barcelona? Luzern, Switzerland?
  4. Yes, they are new, though there were hints and a WIP pic in group chat during that sale. The demos should still be in group notices. edited to add more info
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