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  1. Region Name: The Raven Prims: 20,000 - Non-grandfathered Monthly Tier: $229, next tier payment date: 13/3/20121 Asking price: 96,000 Lindens or best offer. I will pay transfer fee and it is included in the agreed price. Please send me an inworld message: Birdie Ravenhurst (Hope)
  2. I am using Firestorm and it's been about a day or so that a lot of my inventory folders are coming up as empty, I wonder if anyone else is having this issue?
  3. Please IM me in world Birdie Ravenhurst - I am looking to buy, not rent. I already have a full region and specifically am after a grandfathered one to purchase and then hopefully sell my non-GF one. Thank you x
  4. rezzing things within your prim limit allocated through land group, mostly because you're renting a place at the sim is possible, non-renters won't be able to rez, and some rp sims that are across multiple regions, on the main rp region only admin or approved players have the ability to rez. Use of particles and scripts is usually frowned upon because of lag, though could be acceptable for specific events or rp scenes, again usually with approval, so honestly it's not something all players can use freely and each sim is slightly different. That is a nice piece of work i would say tho
  5. @KanzulR Thanks Kanzul xx I probably wrote too much there. I am still working on the build and landscaping. I'll post a link or send you one, when it's all ready.
  6. Hi Kanzul, a house is like another inventory item you purchase, you only pay that one time cost, but to use a house , i.e. rez it and live in it, you require to own or rent land, which will have a weekly cost for you depending on the size, location, and land available land impact, it could be as small of something like 200L per week to 5000L or more, for big parcels. When I first wanted to get land, this article was very helpful from the knowledgebase: You probably could rent a small parcel on a private region. In world, search for places for rent, and also check some well-known re
  7. Hey rpers and all, I have been a para rper for years and a lover of writing in general, but recently finding myself un-inspired and unable to connect to the general concept of rp that's going on in most long lasting rp places. So I thought to open up a conversation and see if anyone has experienced similar difficulties and if and how they overcame it. Also for a while I have been struggling about what to do with my private island, that I originally bought to create an rp place. I started building and I enjoyed it so much that i just kept building and changing and scrapping and b
  8. I am having various inventory issues as well, i am using Firestorm. Happens when trying to delete something, it just doesn't get deleted after it's rezzed, or when unpacking things, I get a pop up that says can't create the inventory. I also lost a few deliveries while shopping receiving same error. I was wondering why there isn't any post about this issue and if it was only me.
  9. Is it possible to claim an abandoned linden home inworld or does it have to be random through the webpage?
  10. Wow GoH? I just had to look that up and all I could figure out, was that it stands for game of homes! I am beyond curious now 😂 How do you play this? What it actually is? And more importantly how can you have more than one linden home??? Sorry this is off topic but I just had to ask, it sounds like so much fun 😁
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