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  1. I make separate interior/exterior walls. I'll make the wall from a cube, duplicate it, then delete all unseen surfaces. I end up with a plane on the inside and one outside, allowing for different textures. I've tried figuring out UV mapping from various tutorials but I find the two-piece method much simpler. It also allows for different interior walls on one large exterior wall.

  2. 16 minutes ago, Schatzi Timmerman said:

    That explains that.

    I dropped my levels to move some items around. Things tend to 'drag' when I get into ultra. Didn't think of kicking it back up.  Oh wells. I have the set still up and can try again later.

    Learning new stuffs can be so much fun 😗

    If you have land, or access to a skybox, your framerate will improve with altitude. Way less that the system to draw. Most of my pics on my Flickr were taken at my sky platform 1250 meters up

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  3. 2 hours ago, Schatzi Timmerman said:

    I tried it and it worked well.

    Sadly, I lost the "intensity" (?) box (the second box next to the chosen color). No idea what I did. Had it and had my shadows. Now they be gone 😯 and can't get it back. I've removed the prim and replaced with a fresh one, still no luck.


    It's only available when your graphics are set to Ultra.

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