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  1. Attempting to create a moon over water image, but my best efforts don't have the reflection on the water in the right place. I've tried rotating the prim, the texture, and repositioning the moon, but the reflection is never where it should be. I used the same water texture for the texture, bumpiness, and shininess. No idea what to do. I don't have access to actual water in the sim.


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  2. I did a simple pose but it wouldn't load into SL. Misnamed hip error thing. I updated Blender as new versions out. I need the preview since neither Qavimator nor Avastar/Blender uses my actual shape and I have to adjust accordingly. One big reason I use the Firestorm viewer is because the animation preview in the Second Life viewer is pretty lame. I really miss the Beta of Qavimator that included the extra bones :(


    It all seems needlessly complicated and I feel like the simplest processes end up using hundreds of keystrokes more than should be. The intuitiveness of these apps is appalling. In Blender, I still haven't figured out how to have a texture on a mesh surface before loading into SL. Again, hundreds of keystrokes etc...

  3. I make my own poses and simple animations for fun, and the need to control my avatar's fingers got me to where I purchased and installed Avastar 2. However, all the tutorials at the Avastar site are for v1.x in spite of being under the "Avastar 2.0" tab. Actual help has been more difficult to find than the help for Blender. Frankly I feel I wasted the USD buying a program so poorly supported. I'm NOT a Blender goddess; all my poses to date are done in Qavimator because, unlike Avastar, is actually user friendly (and I can build mesh buildings all week). Any video help I've looked into has been a video in which the narrator is talking like an auctioneer, or is locked into a window that is either too tiny to see anything or fully maxed out with no ability to switch between the video and Blender. I'm not some high tech genius, but I'm not an idiot either. Is there any kind of information available that doesn't require a degree in computer science, nor does it fire the information at me like a spastic machine gun?

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