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  1. Felt like digging up my first SL skin that I bought back in 2008 to put on my avatar today. I feel like she has came a long way...time flies.
  2. Looking for a beach camper for my alt (or one that is on mostly sand or nearby water) I keep getting campers in the forests and woods. Patience is key I suppose...
  3. Totally lucked out on this OL Stilt Home in Bon Vivant. I had just finished doing a late night/early morning grid drive. Decided to take the plunge and sadly I gave up my forest woods Trailer in Hope Springs (it was beautiful, lots of trees, and no adjacent neighbors nearby) Anyway, I'm very excited that I got this Stilt Home on Land for my alt. (My main has an houseboat at Cheddar Bay that I refuse to abandon) Two beach themed homes, I am set for life. Named my Tortuga Home "Sandy Cheeks". I think my house looks better at night than it does in the day imo. Sorry for the mouseview te
  4. I know this is my first post and all (I'm a lurker) but I swear you guys always release homes as soon as I'm asleep lol. Anyways, I'm been trying to snag a camper or a traditional on a beach/sandy lot for weeks T_T. Just a beach/sandy lot. It doesn't even need to be a houseboat. I'm feeling lucky today though.... I have a traditional home in this quiet sim called Extraordinary. I'm releasing it at 2PM SLT. Its just not for me. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Extraordinary/191/191/56 EDIT: 2:20 SLT I met the new owner. I actually lucked up a houseboat in Cheddar Bay
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