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  1. Xariah1

    Hug huds?

    I love hugging randoms! 😢 Meet me for huggies anytime Rowan! 🤗
  2. Xariah1

    Hug huds?

    Ugggggg! I can see that happening. Thanks for the heads up!
  3. Xariah1

    Hug huds?

    Thank you! I’ll swing by there and grab one. 🤗
  4. Xariah1

    Hug huds?

    I’m dying! 😂🤣
  5. Xariah1

    Hug huds?

    Sigh.... I just came back after an 8 year vacation. Shows you where my head is huh? I’m sorta stuck in 2011. What is used now for PG affection?
  6. Xariah1

    Hug huds?

    Are hud hugs still a thing? I’m not talking vista couples AO. Just giving general hugs? What do y’all use?
  7. I’m an old sl noob, I’ve been gone for 7 years and I am totally lost! I’ve purchased the Maitreya body and new genus head. I’ve managed to figure out how to make my body bom, but good grief what is wrong with my head!? Either my chin gets weird or I have a face in a face. Also, I should mention everything is out of whack with or without the alpha. I’ve tried every way possible. What am I doing wrong? I’d love in world help or honestly any help at this point. TIA!
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