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  1. Thank you, that is very clearly stated! It would be nice to have the option of turning it on for Trusted, I suppose, but for that I will contact the creator. Thank you for your help.
  2. I've read the manual several times. Trusted people can handle Restrictions, for instance. But the Tracker app is an add on, and there is no way on the Exceptions menu to allow or disallow this app to work for Trusted users. So my question is pretty simple -- does the Tracker app send notifications to Trusted Users as well as Owner -- I cannot find that in the manual and I truly would like to know.
  3. The Tracker App on the current Peanut Open Collar can send Login and Teleport information back to the Owner. Does this information also go to Trusted? If so, is there a way to configure so it is only Owner?
  4. Thank you -- I have been working with trusted people and have had good experiences, and getting familiar with the controls. I was just confused about how much overlap there was between Trusted and Owner (how much functionality a Trusted person could not grab). I think you've answered my question.
  5. I can't seem to get a clear answer from reading the documentation. If a collar has an Owner and a few Trusted people, what are the Trusted people allowed to do? Can they do everything the Owner can do except alter the Access? (Can Trusted people play with RLV restrictions, Leashing, poses, apps, animations?)
  6. Answering my own question. This worked. Once I took it out of vanilla mode, I could see menu options but Access was denied to many of them; and when the collar was put back on (non-vanilla, only one Owner), there were some menu options no longer viewable.
  7. I had a Peanut collar in vanilla mode and I made someone the Owner. In Vanilla mode I am automatically also an Owner so I have access to all features. I wanted to remove myself as an Owner so the other Owner could control solely while I was locked, only giving me access again when unlocked (or runaway, which is extreme). I turned off vanilla mode, while I was locked in the collar. While I am no longer listed as an Owner, I have not lost any menu access. I am still able to unlock myself, and get to all RLV controls. Is this normal. is this because I was i
  8. And the answer is, that when I went into the HUD it was clear that some body sections had been hidden, and I could easily unhide them. I saved the full alpha in slot 1, and the immediate problem is resolved. But the additional documentation and information will come in handy! Thank you to all
  9. Noted, with appreciation. (And I edited my comment above --- the tux was the first piece I bought that was *NOT* calibrated for Geralt)
  10. I am reading Skel's response carefully and I am going to spend some time with the Signature manual. I've already re-unpacked the box and will need to start from scratch. The concept of saving alphas is interesting, and new to me (I may be learning quickly as a newbie but there is a LOT of information). At the moment, the one alpha look will do me, but I will be careful to save that one in a slot so I can retrieve it in case of trouble. I am slowly getting my head around working with copies of things -- what to make a copy of, when to make a copy and how to keep track of copies
  11. All my outfits are saved so I can just "wear" a previously saved outfit. But any saved outfit that includes my Geralt body has this error. I will try to reopen my Geralt body and alpha and reapply them. I'm a little concerned I may have "killed the scripts" in the body -- I would like to be able to avoid doing that again. But either the hot tub experience or the tuxedo-wearing would have done it.
  12. My legs are gone from the thighs down, and I'm missing my belt area. Earlier today I put on a tux which was not specifically designed for my Geralt body, but I managed to figure out how to work the alphas and layers. Also I was in a friend's hot tub, and started to see that my bottom half was gone. What is worrisome is that my legs are missing across my outfits. Any outfit I have saved that isn't covered up by pants (naked, swimsuit, gym shorts) has the missing legs. I have tried logging off and logging back on several times, teleporting, switching from Firestorm to 2nd lif
  13. OK, I made serious progress. I just threw out the head and re-opened the original box, and got a clean version. I built up carefully, watching what the Alphas did (and which ones cancelled which one out) until I got a stripped down version of Geralt. I was able to dress him and put on the new hair. Finally, I learned the diff between Wear and Add -- when I tried to wear the blazer and then wear the slacks they cancelled each other out, but if I Added both of them I was able to complete the ensemble. Thank you!
  14. Ooh, I think you said something I totally didn't know. So when you build a new outfit you COPY an element to use in another way (like to make two different adjustments to your head?) I see how I Copy using right-click, where do I past the new copy (or do I just copy it in place)? I have stripped down to "New Shape," "New Skin," "New Hair" and the original avatar "Greg" Eyes. So now I can start trying to build from that saved "start" position? Is there a conflict in the Alphas in Signature Geralt between body and head?
  15. OK, but the hair base "Blake" was a new thing I bought yesterday. How is this part of my base avatar? Or do I have to establish some sort of hair or head base in any iteration of my avatar? So I can't take off the Geralt shape or skin -- unless I go back to inventory and find my absoulte basic first shape and skin and subsitute? Do I understand that the absolute baseline is shape, head/hair, skin, eyes ??
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