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  1. Hi sorry, it has already sold and been transferred, thank you!
  2. Sim is still available, sorry I was late to reply to bids. RL work got in the way. Starting Bid: 100 Transfer Fee 150 Tier (Tier is due on 13th, so only used a small portion so far, can adjust depending on sale date) 100 Sim or highest bidder Total is still cheaper than buying from LL with the free tier included. Plus the land store is closed and has been for some time... Ready to sell! Notecard me and I will notecard you back with a response.
  3. Looking to sell a 20k full sim, not grandfathered. Please send best offer to Brandon Rowley. NC please in-world is best. Tier was just paid, so if you want it sooner, you will need to cover a reasonable amount of tier already paid. Tier date is on the 13th each month.
  4. Hi I am interested, have messaged you in-world.
  5. If interested in the smaller 8192 vs the joint 15,872 I am open to negotiate! IM in-world please.
  6. Joined as one parcel now at a VERY low rate of only L$5.5/m2, L$87,500 for 15,872/m2 protected waterfront and sailable sims. You would be only two sims away from bingo straight/blake sea! Use the 512 to buy a small dock on blake sea to fly to and boat around. Great option here! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Monevole/186/237/24
  7. I have two lots for sale, an 8192 and a 7680. They are directly next to each other to form nearly 1/4th of a sim if desired. The 8192 has protected waterfront view and access to sailable sims. Blake Sea is only two sims away. I enjoyed flying to Blake to hop on my boat. The 7680 can be both land or fully water if desired! Nice to have options. Local area is priced quite a bit higher than my parcels from L$11/m2 to L$38/m2. I have priced my 8192 at only L$9/m2 and the 7680 at only L$2.5/m2!! I'm not a "land baron" and am just looking to fairly sell some mainland. If you want reasonable prices for great land, come take a look! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Monevole/186/237/24
  8. HUGE price drop: down from 124.888 to 89,888. This is as low as I will go! IM me in-world if you have questions. I expect to sell fast at this very low price. Near market is 10/m2 - 40+. This is a steal people! Only 5.7/m2! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Monevole/186/237/24
  9. Parcel has been joined back to a 15,872 for only L$124,888. That's a very low 7.8/m2 for waterfront near the blake sea region! I can also cut it back up, but would like to sell it all soon. Land nearby is priced much higher from L$9.8/m2-L$13/m2 to L$40/m2. Snag this deal while you can!
  10. Some of you have asked when viewing the property today about the homes. I have made them myself, and if you purchase land today you are welcome to select a few free homes from my marketplace listing as a gift from myself to you.
  11. I am interested, and have messaged you in-world and here. Would like to know if any are grandfathered or not and how much you are asking.
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