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  1. The spot on system hud is not something I build it’s on my it has option to give button a command. Which requires ch # for that command to go
  2. I have a stage and script that by touch changes textures each time it’s touched in order. I NEED my spot on system button to control it rather then touching the object. How can I change the touch_start into a chat command AND know what ch it’s under so I can program the hud to do it instead?
  3. I have a question for land, if you own land and you want it closed entry like say for school sim, and it’s private for group only entry. Besides maybe once week. So it’s only entry for members, but you want separate building / Rezzing group so not everyone can rez there, on top that share prime if you have it spanning more then one subdivide / sim. A open rezzing area for all students in this case to unpack needed things but temp. what’s best way to get this to happen...only group members can teleport in even with open sim days. group for rezzing , group for member only entry,
  4. I’m just getting this issue with firestorm, I can’t just clear the cache I have textures I have in products that I will loose if I do that
  5. What be best way to modify this for sound ,to turn on and off a looped sound?
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