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  1. You would be very welcome to message me inworld
  2. I’m up front about my age, best way to be I think. At least you have a chance of finding like minded people in a similar age bracket.
  3. Most welcome of course 😁 lol
  4. At least in UK or European time zones, we are in the same part of the day. I do enjoy meeting people from all over, but for me sleep is important lol Yep English here too obviously lol
  5. You can’t hide now. Too late lol 😂
  6. Thanks for that Pixie 😁 lol. Yeah I do know the expression, just wasn’t thinking in that way haha.
  7. Hi iikay, nor am I from London either lol
  8. What one person finds weird, others may find normal and acceptable
  9. Oh believe me I meet plenty of people in the course of my RL lol. Was just merely an observation about the apparent lack of them in world, but it’s nice to see people speaking up on this thread Perhaps we may all meet in world eventually lol.
  10. I do love meeting people from all over, it’s certainly an education in many ways and a chance to meet all kinds of lovely people
  11. Yes I have seen you there many times Elise you’re one of the helpers there of course
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