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  1. Well folks, I have had this problem for a while (and I believe it’s not just me). When I apply hairbases to my avatar and zoom out a certain distance, there are some lines from the "sessions" division of the mesh head that are well highlighted. If I zoom in, it doesn't happen. This is very misshapen and I really hate this. Is there any way to resolve this? The recently launched heads are coming with this kind of problem? Note: My head is the Catwa Justin. Thanks in advice.
  2. Still doesn't working. The hair base only appers for a half of a second...thank you so much for the help.
  3. Man sorry, i didn't clock that haha. Ok, i tried what u said and, again: nothing...
  4. It is very uncommon, in a moment of the video you can see that I try to invert, applying the hairbase on layer 1, and it overlaps the hairbase on layer 2 and gets darker than usual (there are two overlapping hairbases). But when I do that with the beard, it's like the hairbase is there, but it doesn't appear. I think I'll have to send the link to that topic to the owner of Catwa.
  5. I try every step that you did on the video. It didn't work, so I went to the Catwa Store and asked for a redelivery (maybe was a script problem or some like that). I applied my skin and tried again, this time recording on video: Before this, i ask my wife to see if it was applied (maybe was my computer) and take a print screen: So, as u can see o the video, when I apply the hairbase in layer 2 it doesn't appear. So, I apply the beard and it appears, but it disappears soon after. I really don't know what is happening because apparently, in your Justin he
  6. Man, when I finally thought it would work: it's still the same. I will explain what happened:
  7. I think the only solution it's a beard that comes with a hairbase and apply it together, but I haven't found one like that yet...Or I could buy a bento head, but they are so expensive ...
  8. When I apply the hair base and the bead there only 2 options to apply (in the boxe's hud, as u can see on the print screen): So, I apply the beard just on the beard/tattoo and the sideburns don't apply together (I have to apply this on the hairbase layer), but when I do it, my hairbase leaves. If I try to apply hair base first and then the beard doesn't work. Same if I apply the beard first. It isn't only with the stealthic hair base...also with my volstoke hairbase. It's sad because i can only use a beard that don't has sideburns :(...
  9. I think this doesn't work with Catwa Justin Head:
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