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  1. I have been away from SL for a few years and have noticed quite a bit has changed. I am getting into using the mesh body and mesh heads and am having some difficulty in setting it up. While trying to personalize my avatar, I have come across an issue where my beard does not meet up with my hair base. Is there a way to fix this issue? The picture below shows what I am dealing with. This is what I have set up: Catwa Victor head with LV Designs Brennan applier Skin applier is Lure: Ethan - Cedar The hair is Modulus - Pete. I have cleared the hair base in the Catwa hair/beard hud and used the main hud to tint the hair base. Any and all help is appreciated!!
  2. I was a particle cloud and I completed all of the suggested tips for seeing my avatar, but nothing worked. I finally used the avatar picker and viola! However, I cannot get back to my old self. I can change my shape, but when I choose a skin from my inventory, it says it is worn, but the avatar does not change. Any suggestions? *Update - - The issue was resolved by right clicking on my avi, take off, clothes, all. I was then able to "rebuild" myself back after that!! I guess I should go ahead and make a backup "me" folder... Thanks for the answers, y'all!!
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