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  1. Are you a talented, ambitious DJ, Singer, Host, Manager? Vargas is a young and emerging, adult and inclusive resort and venue and we are looking for talented people to join the Vargas family. We are looking for people who are self-starters & team players, to work with us as part of our team, to make Vargas a go to destination. Vargas is a vineyard themed resort, styled and inspired with a European and vintage ambience. Being a relatively young venue, we have a steadily growing member list and are looking to introduce more events in Euro and US time slots. We are open to most musi
  2. Thank you so much for that very detailed feedback Qie, that was really helpful and I appreciate it.
  3. Apologies if this is a dumb question but I've searched for something similar and cant' find an answer. There's lots of objects such as rocks, grasses etc in my region that have scripts in them to change textures for seasons etc. Do these scripts have any impact on region performance or are they completely dormant until initiated? I'm just curious if taking the scripts out of these items would help keep the region running smoother? Thanks for any advice.
  4. Villa Capri - Our newest Villa on our recently redesigned island, private beach, great prim allowance, very affordable. Comes fully landscaped and furnished but furnishings can be removed if required. Visit the parcel here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Royal Kingdom/56/90/28 Or find more details either at our sales office: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Royal Kingdom/208/74/27 Or on our website here: http://www.vargasclub.com
  5. Villa Vivanco - Spacious and modern with expansive private beach and good prim allowance. Landscaped and optionally fully furnished. Visit the parcel here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Royal Kingdom/64/208/32 Or find more details either at our sales office: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Royal Kingdom/208/74/27 Or on our website here: http://www.vargasclub.com
  6. Villa Ruinart - Our largest currently available villa. Secluded parcel nestled beside a waterfall, large private beach and fully landscaped and furnished. Visit the parcel here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Royal Kingdom/56/158/27 Or find more details either at our sales office: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Royal Kingdom/208/74/27 Or on our website here: http://www.vargasclub.com
  7. Beautifully landscaped island featuring a small selection of private villas on separate islands to the main venues. Individually landscaped and optionally fully furnished should you require. Privacy and security with visitor orb and avatar privacy on private parcels. Generous prim allowance and competitively priced homes. All villas are waterfront and many include private beaches. Sky platform provided for personal use. Access to parcel radio stream. Details of all available villas can be found at our sales office here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondl
  8. Thanks guys, these really helped me get somewhere with it, very much appreciated
  9. Hi, Does anyone know of any tutorials on how to make these in Blender? I've seen lots of different ways of wrapping objects around an object but not sure what the best technique is for making them low poly and work well in sl. Do you use paths, or modifiers or something else to give that roughly wrapped string look? Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  10. Hi, I'm posting this as an owner of a newish club and I'm wondering about managers and what people might want / expect from the role. If you've had experience (good or bad) of being a club manager, what responsibilities did you have, what was your salary, how autonomous was you, are there things that did/didn't live up to your expectations. If anyone would like to contact me direct rather than through the forums please feel free. Thanks
  11. Actively looking for a GF 20000 Prim Sim to purchase. Happy to close a deal straight away for the right offer.
  12. Ahhh ok that makes sense now, so even though the layers are stacked they will still pick up the same texture when baked. So as long as I size the UV correctly before joining the stem and the flowers I'll just need to bake onto the one stacked UV map. Thanks for the explanation as I was sure I was missing something fundamental
  13. Hi All, I've been trying to do something with a UV Map, or assuming I can do something and after lots of googling and tutorials I am still none the wiser. I'm trying to make a plant with a stem and flowers and I'd assumed that if I created one flower, unwrapped it properly, I could then duplicate it and they would all use the same area of the UV Map. However every time I duplicate it basically puts another layer of the UV area over the existing one on the map. Is there a way to do this or am I trying to do the impossible, if it can't be done how do people create trees and the like with d
  14. Thank you for the replies, I shall try the suggestions and see how I get on.
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