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  1. I need everything done. Can talk inworld for more details on specifics
  2. Looking for someone who can design a weapon well from start to finish. Can discuss price and payment through messaging. Specifically I am looking for a custom kurambit to be made. I prefer quality work that will show through other projects done. If you can provide Examples of your work and I like it im more likely to hire you. References can certainly help as well. If interested drop a response here and we will talk soon.
  3. Looking for someone that can build a Wildey Magnum scripted and animated. If you are a good gun maker and know what your doing. Feel free to contact me inworld add a nc if you wish as well. My inworld name is (wolfking7) Seth Minotaur Aethelwolfy.
  4. Greetings im looking for someone who is familiar with the Garou and Nirarmyth Daneotaur Minotaur avatar. Im trying to get gear that is going to fit them and work properly. I am willing to talk more details and negoiate the pricing. Contact me via inworld wolfking7) Seth Minotaur Aethelwolfy and through the forums as well. I look forward to speaking to you soon.
  5. Wolfking7

    Gun Cabinet

    Looking for someone who can design a custom made gun cabinet. Having the guns in there that i want. Contact me here and inworld wolfking7 if interested.
  6. Need someone who is good at making mesh statues with fine detail. Contact me here and in world wolfking7
  7. Im looking for someone who can make custom melee weapons for the Garou Avatar. Someone who knows what they are doing. Need to see some examples of work if possible of other weapons you have designed for avatars that are big.
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