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  1. I don't have a home only a Fairy hut that i can open in a Sandbox
  2. I found it in Lost and Found! O.O Now i have the orange box - i have done 'Add' it went on my Avi then i 'detached' I do not get the Copy to folder window option. So i usually drag the orange box into the world. I'm concerned it may go poofisky! P.s I got FireStorm today that is when i noticed the folder Lost and Found wyd.
  3. Marianna The folder arrived in my Received empty i will try and contact the seller.
  4. Rasterscan I sent a message through the purchased item page in the feedback a few days ago- But Because this MP item has disappeared I don't know how to DM the seller...
  5. Rasterscan What do i do now? Alwin i cannot rez it because when it arrived in my Recieved it was a empty folder with no arrows to open, but i did try in recent but no luck too.
  6. Hi *Sorry i cannot find anything exactly like this in the forum I just purchased this item and the reason i'm showing my invoice of the item is that in MP the item has disappeared but there another almost identical but for a different price. In my recent it has a folder but with no content. i have tried logging out - i am unsure how to reset cache i heard may help but this looks very wyd. Any suggestions.....
  7. I am sorry if it was a dumb question- i also just learned rotate an object i think lol
  8. Hi I got it open but for same reason i had to go into that 'copy to inventory' pop up window
  9. Hi I bought this Mole End -Nook hut- but i am unable to open it in a Sandbox - i rezed it but i am not getting a Open option and i am only seeing one orange box. Which is odd because i know there are more items and textures that go with this lovely hut. What do i have to do here to open it in the Sandbox?
  10. Matty - I noticed the in world store and on the market place Appliers are not mentioned. * Would i have to look for Catwa or other Appliers to add? Dean - I don't think to look for Gacha Eyes and thanks for the Avoid fancy stuff.
  11. Now after trying a sellers item Luminous Eyes Demo i have learn how to adjust the Mesh eyes. There a file to hide the 'System eyes' but it just made a clear lens shape like a oval for the Demo eyes but when editing i could see the SE under the Demo eyes. ** If i buy Luminous Eyes would the System eyes disappear? I don't think they 3D into of the skull * Are 3D eyeballs a thing or are they all just lens? **
  12. Hi Pamela I am about in go into the inworld store it will be my first time there. -Edit - in the Store i saw the Catwa Applier but it said Gift and when i hovered over only option getting teleported me into the next showroom for other stuff.
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