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  1. Is it time to change the description from "3d virtual world where people can create, connect and chat" to someting like "Adult sexgame"?
  2. i fixed it! thank you at least for not spamming here!
  3. I almost managed to get it to work, but the script has an update timer of 0.1 seconds, and now it says something about the VERBOSE MODE and starts to get very laggy. I wonder what it is? Is it ok to have timer 1.0 in this case (http etc.)? Not too fast?
  4. Hello! there is a script showing a map of the region. how to make it to run only when the engine is started? and when it is turned off then a different texture of the off screen was shown? Basically it had some unused features I removed and added map refresh on changed region. Also I have such a link_message portion, I guess its out there? link_message(integer link, integer num, string msg, key id) { if(num == -707071 && id == "engine") { if( msg == "STOP ENGINE") llSetTimerEvent(timerFreq); else if( msg == "START ENGI
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