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  1. yes, i kissed it on the square, and the level.
  2. rare moments of me actually being dressed like a man, inspired by a certain band
  3. and I've got no idea where to start. in the same vein as this basically, but not exact. I've tried Hotdog, felt like it was a little too vampire like, what I found was not rigged and the stuff that was didn't hide my ass. I'm in deadwool as we speak but I don't expect to find anything there... Any ideas? edit: forgot to edit this last night but i ended up going with stuff i found at contraption. i forgot it existed
  4. but i went from 5 to 5.3 and the shoes don't fit.
  5. I have just noticed that none of my old maitreya pumps are fitting anymore, even demos for new shoes. Is anyone else having this problem?
  6. i seem to be missing that:
  7. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Haman/177/188/44 come take a look i had already made a thread on this but at this point it seems like it's too old to edit with my updated price.
  8. you're also looking at a guy who's pic is heavily edited and who's graphics are at max most likely so take it with a grain of salt
  9. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Haman/177/188/44 come take a look idk how to price things so this might be high but if you can give me a fair price i'm willing to lower it
  10. we are all standing in the same place, together. and they will get the same fps. they do have better connection than me by a long shot but i had heard it mainly had to do with the cpu power not the internet? we are on a private homestead
  11. I have friends tell me they're getting 40 frames while I'm getting 20. I asked two of them what their cpus were and bench marked both of them with mine and mine came out on top each time. I also have an AMD RX580 but it doesn't matter as much as the cpu right? this is their settings: vs my settings: they are running on a laptop, i am running on a gaming pc. i cannot make sense of this at all. please help.
  12. Sounds weird I know but I recently came into a massive gacha that I thought would be fun for me and my friends to play in and shoot eachother until we die. But not everyone has a bunch of money for one, but for two it's so massive that i would have to spend a bunch of money to get a parcel large enough for it and with enough prims. So we planned on using an empty sandbox. We can't turn damage on on an empty sandbox, though. I know it's possible because I've seen someone do it. I know that there's a VOID hud you can use to set your death position but idk how it works in conjunction with anything else. Are there any items I could buy that will allow this?
  13. there was some prom thing going on and i didn't feel like changing out of my cosplay i'm the tall one.
  14. Max I can get my maitreya avatar rn is 7.79 or something without making the torso super long, and it looks really weird with the torso super long, so is there anything I can buy that will make me taller without breaking my clothes? I have a floor length dress with my feet hidden so I don't want to look like I'm floating
  15. not sure if these are considered heavily modded but
  16. your head doesn't have an alpha so the classic head is showing through that.
  17. Not underwear. I am trying to use this armor, I think it's called overpowered armor, and it's incredibly skimpy. The problem is that the crotch is completely uncovered so I would be walking around with my dangle out It's similar to this: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Max-Level-Armor-aii/17297226 Of course that has a crotch cover but it's not for Jake. So I'm basically looking for something that will go with that style and I don't even know where to start
  18. I am using an Oracul AO that, at its base, is the free Basically Boy. It has several different animations put into it though that I can't seem to get to work right. I am not new to editing AOs. The AO I have is already so edited that it basically wasn't the same thing anymore and I had already replaced a lot of the animations. There way this one is edited is that there's a notecard with the animation names, and a bunch of animations, inside of it. I replaced several. But there are some that just refuse to work. My crouch walk doesn't work. Instead of crouch walking it just does the normal walk instead even though I'm sure I'm crouched. I had no problems with the last one while crouching and it's basically the same AO. (Oracul basically boy, but edited) I made sure several times to see if it was in the AO. It was named correctly. It was correct in the notecard. It is not missing. It just doesn't play. I also have approximately 3 sits, and only one of them will play. I have made sure the right sit is in there. I have even set it on the Oracul hud to use another sit specifically but it ignores it and does only one sit. The AO also randomly likes to shut itself off. Instead of playing other animations it just stops. I'm stuck with no ao for a minute before it starts working again. I do have one of the options turned off (there are 3 stands with several stands in each catagorey, I have stand 3 turned off because I don't have enough animations) but I see it doing the same thing when I run Any advice?
  19. i ended up just getting those too. they're a little weird in some spots but they did end up working
  20. I got a mermaid tail for Jake but I'm disappointed in the lack of fins elsewhere like arms and back Are there any fins for jake, or unrigged fins, that I could use that are mod?
  21. I'll give you a glowup. Version A Version B Current version C my clothes change a lot so the last one is not what i wear all the time obviously but I'm just showing the general changes
  22. I saw this at fantasy fair but it was just for the whip, but I really like the outfit. Does anyone know where to get it?
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