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  1. Diamond Girls (Guys) Strip Club We are currently looking for managers, dancers, text, voice and cam escorts. Send an IM or NC to myself Helianthusannus or my assistant mysteriousdots. You can also stop by and submit your application in person, we have an application box and this way you can check out the club! Requirements for Managers: •Must have experience •Must list skills and work experience Requirements for Dancers & Escorts: •Must have Mesh bodies •Must be able to emote •Must be available, friendly, & flirty!
  2. I haven't been in SL for long and I don't know where to go to meet new people. If anyone is on the same boat and would like to add, my name inworld is helianthusannus ☺ Thank you!
  3. Currently seeking a manager & personal assistant. The manager would manage a new strip club, and the personal assistant would assist me when I am online but mostly the manager. Message me inworld for more information or send me NC. My inworld name is Helianthusannuus, thank you. Requirements: Must be experienced, able to communicate someway in RL for emergencies, be available full-time, and reliable.
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