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  1. They pay because they look for "quality" over "quantity." Sure sex is everywhere in sl, but who can really rp? Not many sadly. What the others above have said is true, but it's also because if people join sl for sex, they are going to go to the best places for it and yes, frankly escorts and strippers are the best for that. As for your original question... I have been an escort and stripper for years and, not to promote my own place, haven't made as I have now. The best thing to do is go searching around and see what the best fit is for you... Do you like the more strip club feel o
  2. You definitely have a great idea going. You need to take into account that many modeling, creators, and photographers usually have their own flickr accounts for their photos and any announcements they want to make. Making a website might be a nice idea if it is different than their flickr. You might want to look into getting sponsers, advertisements on big fashion blogs, or even ask a great photographer (experienced one) to post to your site. If you get a backing, people will follow. It is a great concept though. Good luck!
  3. I agree with you. Relationships grow with each other not just one person AND my "ideal" one definitely has changed in 4 years. Your partner and you must define the relationship together and if you aren't then it is probably going to fail because you are not taking into account their feelings as well. I agree with you so much. Thank you for sharing
  4. That looks like something from Little Bones, but I could be wrong.
  5. lol I explain to people all the time that sl is just a 3D virtual facebook.
  6. I have been an escort for 4+ years now. a) Defining any word could have multiple meanings depending on the person you talk to. To me, a regular client is either someone that has hired me more than once, someone that is on my friendlist and that I have talked to on a regular basis, or someone that I have formed a great working relationship with. b) Escorts usually do not lower their rates, even if it meant that client would come around more. BUT it all depends on the escort. For me, I prefer my clients to be upfront. I want them to ask me these sort of questions because it helps me get a b
  7. I posted this back in 2011. 4 years later and I am curious to see if the times have changed or if people feel the same. Bunny Boxen 7/21/2011 "I've met many people who have been in sucessful sl relationships, even going as far as meeting in rl.... But i've heard, more times than one, that the relationship has failed, the partners going different ways. I've been in my fair share of bad and terrible relationships (being so nice that i try to make a relationship i know will fail right off the back). I know what it feels like to love something/ someone that isn't yours to love, it hurts but w
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