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  1. Same happened to me did you resolve it I can’t
  2. I tried to subscribe to voice morphing at voice island but I paid and it don’t work and they don’t reply to ims . Seems l8ke a con to me. No support at all. Can you help please
  3. Voice services voice morphing on SL seems to be a con. I paid for it but got nothing and they don’t reply to emails . Can anyone help me report this con and spread the word so others don’t loose money like I have. Thank you
  4. Hi I subscribed to voice morphing at Voice Island but i5 don’t work. I think it tried to give me a link but the hyperlink did not work. I paid 750 ld but 5here is no help. Very frustrated. Really appreciate some help. thank you
  5. yes Janet I have. could it be a problem with my graphics card, my other tonic mesh body is fine
  6. Hi my ebody curvy mesh I just bought is only white, my tonic body is fine , I have applied skins, and done the graphics skinning thing please help
  7. Many of my HUD S have stopped working where ever I am. Sometimes the load but don’t work. 5hey used to work. thanks
  8. Hi got a mesh corset dress. Comes with textures files for different colours. How do I get them to work. thanks
  9. Hi to start a sound simulation do I attach it to the hud then wear it what is the hud. Is it my screen thanks
  10. Hi thanjs fir all your help so far i am trying to put red nails on a classic off the peg Gretchen avatar but they seem hard to find. Thank you
  11. I can but I must say these are normal words for normal parts of the body so I think it wrong that we Make them out to be more than they are , self defeating morally as it mystifies them, not your fault I know but why can’t we use such words what actually is wrong.
  12. Thank you for such a full and detailed reply. I have learnt much and will check your blog
  13. Thanks for your help much appreciated. Not your fault , but I can’t see why the name can’t be blank. Do you know if I can pass that idea up to the developers .
  14. Hi i have a ‘recent or new’ Gretchen avatar which is one of the standard off the peg ones. I think it is a mesh type ; please correct me if wrong. Which ***** should I buy please : a mesh or a rigged mesh. i want it to fit well but I am not interested in fiddling with controls. Just want it simple to use. this question also relates to clothes in general also am I right about what sort of avatar I am thank you for all your help so far Juliet XXX
  15. Hi my username appears automatically on the sl viewer login. I would rather it didn't and I would like to fill that in myself. I could not se an instruction to enable me to do that. Is he username case sensitive thank you
  16. Hi just bought a bra but is in box , apparently need to find sandbox to open but can’t find one n destinations please help
  17. Thank you very detailed I will read more fully later appreciate your time
  18. Hi I have a ‘recent’ off the peg avatar , Gretchen, I think with the ball gown. Can I flush my cheeks pinker, redden my lips and dilate and sparkle my eyes if I want to blush or show my appreciation. Thank you
  19. Hi can I gift or lend clothes to other avatars and how would they wear them
  20. Thanks for your detailed and good answers I will try those
  21. Thanks what command is it in parcel
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