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  1. I don't think I'm every going back. A sika deer is who I am now, forever. Just in time for my 12th rezzday!
  2. If you're fine with hanging out with a feral avatar then I would like to get to know you. You can never have too many friends!
  3. There is poor taste...then below that there's whatever this OP was thinking.
  4. I'll be celebrating my 12th Rezday in March. Looking back on my years I can't stop recalling (and shuddering too) at the bling-bling jewelry phase SL went through. You'd rez into a sim and suddenly go blind from 10+ avatars all having effect laden necklaces that made a strobe light look weak in comparison.
  5. I went back to my old style once more, first time in many months. I doubt I change anytime soon as I'm not the kind of person who updates their looks, be it clothes or style, very often. (I also included my horse because she's my best SL friend lol)
  6. Hello. Feel free to call my Lana even if sometimes (often) change my display name. I've been on SL for a very long time and as such many of my friends have come and gone so I've decided to venture into the forums at last. I'm a bit shy, but I'm working on that. I'm very awkward and for that there is no cure. I'm in late 20s in real, and on SL I tend to wear an uncomplicated mesh avatars from show(s). As such I'm not "up" on the newest SL fashion and trends at all, but that's okay. I like what I like. Generally I enjoy many tv shows, manga and comic books, animation (western and eastern),
  7. My short answer would echo what others have said: If they were my adult children I would not care. If they were literal children (18 and under) I wouldn't allow it. And we all know why...
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