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  1. I've always wanted to be part of a roleplaying family here on SecondLife, but my last couple of attempts have sadly ended up as failures. I don't blame the people who tried in the slightest. They were all very nice. However, I never really got to experience any RP with them. Indeed, part of that was a fault on my part because RL usually ended up getting in the way. But I'm willing to give this another try! -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  Hello, my name is Jezebel! I'm 8 months old and looking
  2. I know this is kind of a longshot. I've tried searching around before to no avail, but I've convinced myself to attempt once more. I hung around on a couple of sims for a while yet never got up the courage to actually try and say anything to anyone. Heh, my shyness often gets the better of me. ^^; I am a feral roleplayer who wishes to find a nice family (or even a group of sorts) that will be willing to accept a dog into the mix. I am able to para-RP and have a few characters that would be able to fit into a social environment. Even if it isn't a complete family, I would be perfectly fine with
  3. I have been searching Second Life for any sort of decent roleplay, and frankly, I am not sure where to begin asking around since I'm rather new to the SL community. That and being rather shy--even behind a computer screen--stops me from outwardly questioning anyone. :| I would love to find a good medieval-style roleplay group. I have been RPing for approximately 5 years and can post multiple paragraphs if I'm given enough detail to work with. Perhaps I could give the Gorean RPs a try one day considering they seem interesting, but I would probably need a mentor who is experienced with the style
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